International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance Plans offer health care benefits for international travelers who need coverage worldwide. Long term health insurance plans that offer a minimum of one year coverage which can be renewed annually well beyond 75 years of age. Applicants are required to provide detailed health history before the International Health Insurance can be approved. Coverage is available worldwide including the insured’s home country.

Our international health insurance plans can cover hospital bills, doctor’s expenses, prescription drugs, accidental death & dismemberment & medical evacuation.

Worldwide Health Insurance (home country included)
Overseas Health Insurance (limited home country cover)

International Travel Insurance

If you have a trip planned and you would like to protect your trip investment (ticket, hotels or cruise) you can consider our International Travel Insurance. International Travel Insurance plans offer 100% reimbursement of the non refundable trip costs in case of an eligible trip cancellation or interruption. Some International Travel Health Insurance plans offer medical benefits along with trip cancellation benefits.

Global Health Insurance

We offer comprehensive global health insurance with worldwide health insurance coverage for people of all nationalities and professions. Plans are designed bearing in mind the lifestyles and requirements of expatriates, teachers abroad, missionaries overseas, marine crew, international students, immigrants and traveling professionals.

International Medical Insurance

If you require medical coverage overseas for a short duration (5 days to 3 years) with limited home country coverage our overseas International Medical Insurance plans are a good choice. These plans offer immediate coverage. No medical tests/information is required for obtaining coverage. Overseas health insurance plans can cover doctor visits, hospitalization, surgery and prescriptions for sicknesses and injuries that occur on a trip abroad.


We provide offers options for both short term and long term options for those seeking foreign or true worldwide coverage. But if you are specifically seeking coverage to meet coverage for US travel then visit or if you specifically need J visa coverage then see

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  • International Health Insurance for Baseball Fans Visiting the U.S. for Spring Training
    While baseball is often called "the national pastime" in the United States, but the game has fans worldwide. And every year, fans from around the world descend upon the states of Florida and Arizona in the U.S. to watch baseball's "spring training." If you plan on visiting the United States to watch your favorite team's spring training, you will want to be sure to come prepared with international health insurance.

    During spring…

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  • My daughter plans to be abroad in France for several month, maybe a year. She has a pre-existing condition, Grave's Disease (hyperthyroid). She would like…
    Pre existing conditions are typically not covered under any of the plans. However the Atlas International can provide you with coverage for an “acute onset of a pre existing condition” up till $15,000 for ages under 70 years. You can review the definition of “Pre existing” conditions in the brochure. Treatment must be received within 24 hours of symptoms.

    You can purchase the Atlas America plan at

  • Dear Sir or Madam,
    do you have any cancellation policy?
    Sincerely yours
    Marco Perez
    Thank you for contacting us. If you wish to cancel a current plan please email us the policy number and date you wish to cancel. Each plan follows a different cancellation policy.

    If you need trip cancellation coverage you can compare the different plans we offer at

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