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Q: My daughter plans to be abroad in France for several month, maybe a year. She has a pre-existing condition, Grave's Disease (hyperthyroid). She would like to maintain a level of health insurance. What options will work for her?

A: Pre existing conditions are typically not covered under any of the plans. However the Atlas International can provide you with coverage for an “acute onset of a pre existing condition” up till $15,000 for ages under 70 years. You can review the definition of “Pre existing” conditions in the brochure. Treatment must be received within 24 hours of symptoms.

You can purchase the Atlas America plan at

You can review the Atlas America brochure at

Please feel free to call me at 877-593-5403 with questions.


Q: Dear Sir or Madam,
do you have any cancellation policy?
Sincerely yours
Marco Perez

A: Thank you for contacting us. If you wish to cancel a current plan please email us the policy number and date you wish to cancel. Each plan follows a different cancellation policy.

If you need trip cancellation coverage you can compare the different plans we offer at


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