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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

Travelex Insurance Services offers several protection plans, like the international travel insurance plans, which provide medical insurance, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation and interruption in addition to providing a comprehensive package of high level security and round the clock assistance. Travelling families find that the Travelex plans offers trouble free, secure plans that are excellent value for money. Now, even your kids under 16 can be covered, with no extra cost, when escorted by an insured adult family member.

Unlike other international travel insurances, Travelex covers certain non-refundable expenses that you may have to pay during trip cancellation or suspension. Though one hopes that planned trips never get cancelled, occasionally they do. In case this happens, international travel insurance plans by Travelex cover the non-refundable expenses that have been paid up front for your trip. While all your reasons cannot be included, a few of them can be included and covered under this insurance for international travel.

Travelex plans provide trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits, iCoverage upto $150 is received, if your traveling broker cancels your trip. These fees are the charges levied by the airline authorities for re-scheduling of your tickets, which otherwise cannot be refunded. Travelex international insurance takes care of f your trip is cancelled/ or interrupted trip due to any of the unforeseen events listed below:

  1. Illness, injury or death of you or your business partner, traveling companion, family member etc
  2. Bad weather, strike or complete termination of services of the common carrier for atleast 48 hours from the date of trip
  3. A terrorist attack in your city of departure or destination within 30 days
  4. Criminal assault of you or your traveling escort within 10 days of leaving or during your trip

Medical bills to cover a sickness or injury that takes place on your trip could be high. With an international travel insurance policy in place, you can rest assured and enjoy your trip without worrying about the financial strain of a medical emergency.

Whether ongoing or cancelled, your trip should always be insured. Isn’t it?

Comment by Blog Contributor on 2009 09 17

Insurance is pretty mandatory these days. You never know what can happen. These plans seem pretty good compared to other companies that are out there – it includes the main features, plus extras including terrorist attacks.

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