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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

  • A safe and comfortable journey for senior travelers – useful travel tips

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With a little planning and effort, seniors too can enjoy overseas trips. Whether it is a family vacation or a solo journey, you can make it a dream trip by taking a few precautions. Once you have decided on your destination, start researching your place of interest through internet, guidebooks and travel agents; spend some time getting to know about the customs and culture of the place. When you want to book your trip, take some time to look up on the internet for the best airfares. It is usually good to book on weekdays for best ticket prices, be sure to check for senior discounts. Almost every airline offers special services for the elderly, so check with your airline about what is available before making your flight reservations.

Consult your physician for a complete check up before your trip and discuss all the necessary precautions for the journey. Get written prescriptions for your medication and keep all your medicines in their original containers. Though air travel is the safest way, elderly people with serious health problems should avoid travel at all costs. Elders over 65 years old are advised not to fly for more than 6 hours at one go; it is good to choose international travel insurance for any trip assistance. Always keep your emergency numbers and insurance policy with you to make things easier.

Flight delays and long waits at the airport can be uncomfortable for senior travelers; a good idea would be to make use of the airline lounge at the airport, where they can pass the waiting time comfortably, reading a book or watching television. Takeoff and landing of airplanes can cause anxiety to senior travelers because of the uncomfortable air pressure, it is good to carry some chewing gum or candy along. Dehydration is a common problem during flights, especially seniors who have diabetes. It helps to drink plenty of fluids or water during the flight, but stay away from alcoholic beverages. So, plan ahead and enjoy a safe and comfortable trip anywhere in the world.

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