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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

Adventure travel is currently tourism’s fastest-growing sector in the tourism industry because more and more people are pushing themselves to the extremes to see how much their mind and body can withstand. US offers varied choice for tourists who are ready to challenge themselves and nature. Adventure tourism is one of the worth while options to muse as summer vacations are here.

Nature has been kind on North America and NA can boast of some of the world’s most beautiful natural beauties like the Grand Canyons, the rough Rockies or the Niagra falls. The US has got some 64 designated national parks. These parks are home to more than 60% of the nation’s endangered species, and represent some of the best remaining habitat for the country’s wildlife heritage. In some National Parks such as the Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park, tourists can explore their way through the territory on foot.

Tourists can enjoy water sports in great lakes in the north and Florida, Miami, Miami Beach and California in US. Local people and tourists can try their hands at canoeing, kayaking, surfing, rowing, yachting, diving, snorkeling and scuba diving. These sports require a bit of gear and can be undertaken with some guidance from the professional trainers and observers. There are approximately 630 local water ski clubs throughout the US. Snorkeling and diving can be undertaken on the reefs of the Florida keys. Surfing is popular on the beaches like Cocoa beach, New Smyrna Beach and last but not the least, the Sebastian inlet.

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