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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Airport Delay - What Will You Do? Count on International Travel Insurance

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Recently, a security breach caused a shutdown at the Providence Rhode Island airport. The breach occurred when a passenger made it past security without being checked out, and the incident goes to show that delays can occur even at the smallest airports.With that in mind, how can you avoid, or recover from, time-consuming delays at the airport? International travel insurance offers the best solution to this problem.

Even a short delay on an international flight can cause you to miss a connection, costing you time and money. Whether the delay is your fault or someone else's, airlines will often not lend you any sympathy, and more often than not the cost of rebooking is going to come out of your pocket.This is where trip cancellation insurance and travel assistance features come in handy.

Trip cancellation options are offered for an additional fee with most international travel insurance policies. They way these work is simple; if for some reason you miss a flight, connection, etc., the policy will cover the cost associated with the flight itself as well as hotel accommodations, event ticketing, and other expenses.This can save you quite a bit of money when it comes to buying new tickets because of a missed connection.

Travel assistance features will help make it easier to find and book new flights, communicate with your hotel, and generally make international travel simpler. These concierge desks can help you look up travel information and speak with representatives who speak languages you are unfamiliar with. It can make the task of making the best of a difficult travel situation much easier.

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