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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Americans Traveling Abroad Need International Medical Insurance

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As Americans prepare for international travel, their to-do list will include making sure their passport and travel documentation is current, checking their hotel accommodations, planning either their business meetings or their leisure activities, and arranging for a rental car or some other form of ground transportation. But there's one other very important piece of preparation you don't want to forget: international medical insurance.

While you may never even think that a hospital stay could be in your future during your international travel, it's more likely than you think. For instance, injuries can occur while participating in recreational activities, through auto accidents, or other causes. Even a simple sprained ankle will require a doctor's visit, and without medical insurance that could be a very expensive event.

When you travel long distances, you're more susceptible to illness as well. Your body and immune system may be weakened from the fatigue of lengthy international flights. Add to that the fact you may be experiencing new environmental factors such as different altitude, increased pollution, or declining water quality, and there are many factors that could lead to you getting sick and needing to find a medical professional.

You may not plan on getting sick or injured while traveling internationally, but you can still prepare for it. And the best way to prepare to protect yourself is with international medical insurance. This will keep your costs down if a medical issue should arise during your trip, saving you lots of money in the long term.

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