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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

With the global village being a real concept now, appropriate expatriate and international health insurance are of paramount importance. When you move to another country for work or leisure, you must ensure that you are adequately covered in your new home.

There are several plans that cater to the expatriate market, and HTH Worldwide’s Global Citizen Plans offer just that. There are two plans that the company offers: Global Citizen and Global Citizen EXP. Global Citizen offers coverage within the United States and abroad, and Global Citizen EXP offers coverage only abroad.

Both plans offer a range of deductibles—from $0 to $25,000. While both the plans offer a 100% benefit outside the United States, the Global Citizen plan offers an 80% coverage up to a predetermined minimum, and then offers 100% coverage.

Some of the benefits of the plan include physician office visits, immunization, and one routine physical exam per year. The plans also offer benefits for other inpatient and outpatient care. Prescription drugs, examinations, and ambulance services are also covered. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains are also offered as benefits. Global Citizen plans truly allow you to enjoy your life as an expat, without a care in the world!

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