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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

Recent protests in Bangkok, Thailand are gaining attention around the world. For travelers, these protests remind us of the need for international medical insurance.

The protests are aimed at forcing the Thai Prime Minister to force new parliamentary elections, and they have been ongoing for three weeks. The country has now been placed under a state of emergency by the government,

While the protests have to this point been nonviolent, the simple truth is you never know when that could change or what could trigger it. And as an international visitor, being caught in a violent situation could be a potentially huge problem.

If you find yourself injured without medical insurance, you will face expensive healthcare fees. Being injured in a foreign land is certainly enough of a problem unto itself; you do not need to compound it by having a financial worry associated with it. But international health insurance will absorb the bulk of your medical fees, allowing you to focus on getting well and getting out of the country safely.

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