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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Battling Anxiety and Depression with Student Insurance

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In the United States, more than a quarter (26.2%) of adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Student life, especially the life of an international student, can be fraught with emotional stress and trauma. However, mental health care is expensive in the United States. International student insurance plans must also cover mental health care.

Many college-sponsored plans cover psychiatric care and insist that outside international student health insurance also provide the benefit to some extent. Alcohol and substance abuse dependency problems are also covered under most student health insurance plans.

If you are an international student suffering from depression or anxiety, the first stop will be the college student health center, where you will most likely meet the college mental health counselor. The counselor will prescribe a course of action. Check for extent of coverage and out-of-pocket expenses for the treatment suggested by the counselor.

However, remember that receiving mental health treatment under an insurance plan can prove costly in the long run. It could be recorded as a pre-existing condition, and subsequent insurance plans you purchase might increase the premium. Remember that several federal clinics and non-profits also help you receive treatment for free. Under any circumstance, do not avoid getting treatment in case of mental illness.

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