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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Best & Worst Highways List Reminds Us Why International Medical Insurance is Important

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A recent article from Reader's Digest looks at United States highways, ranking them in order of best and worst according to safety concerns. This valuable article not only alerts travelers to potential trouble spots, it also reminds us all of the fact that international travelers should always buy international medical insurance when visiting the U.S., because driving can be a dangerous experience even for locals.

The article was put together using data compiled by the United States Federal Highway Administration. It looked at factors including highway conditions, bridge conditions, and fatalities occurring on these roadways to determine the best and worst for drivers.

Roads in Pennsylvania, California, Georgia, and Montana all were noted for having especially dangerous and deadly roadways. For international travelers visiting the U.S., unfamiliarity with local roads and highways will already be a challenge. Driving on roads that even locals encounter difficulty with poses an even greater threat.

In the event you do find yourself involved in an auto accident in the U.S., you will want to be sure to have international medical insurance. The policy you have in your native country likely does not extend to the U.S., so you would be considered uninsured. This would leaved you with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in medical bills, depending on the severity of your injuries. Do not take chance, especially if your travels will take you to any of these notorious danger zones.

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