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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Blowing Hot and Cold: War Tourism and Coverage

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A 75-year-old British traveler recently made an international trip—not to France, or Italy, or the United States, but to Iraq. And he’s not alone; several people are queuing up to visit conflict zones in what is called “hot war tourism." This type of travel includes people who want to travel to areas where war is active or recently concluded. Such travelers must purchase international travel health insurance with appropriate coverage.

Hot war terrorism is based on the need of a human being to watch humankind in action, rather than just symbols of humankind’s activities. The corresponding risks are also higher, which necessitate more comprehensive travel coverage.

One factor to consider before undertaking a hot war tourist trip is to purchase adequate insurance. You must purchase coverage for emergency evacuation, medical coverage for acts of war and terrorism, and for trip cancellation. If your trip cancellation policy has the option, purchase “Cancel for any reason” coverage.

Also remember to check the government advisory on travel to your destination. If there is a warning against travel to the destination, your international travel insurance might not be valid. While on your trip, take adequate care to protect yourself and follow basic precautions and local travel advisories.

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