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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

For years, the state of Arizona has served as a battleground for debate around the topic of U.S. immigration reform. A new law in that state is drawing heavy criticism for its potential treatment of immigrants, and the immediate backlash may wind up having a long-lasting impact on international tourism in the area.

The law allows Arizona police officers great freedom in how they treat suspects whom they believe may be illegal immigrants, and many consider the law to essentially sanction racial profiling. This law is sure to make both legal immigrants and naturalized citizens feel more uncomfortable traveling through the state. Certainly no one wants to think that he or she may be the victim of a racial agenda.

The law is already impacting travel within the U.S., as many groups have enacted boycotts against businesses within the state, including the local sports teams. These boycotts are meant to draw attention to the law across the country, and it's not hard to imagine this effort soon extending internationally.

International travelers may look to begin to bypass Arizona on business ventures or even on connecting flights. The hope in such efforts is that awareness of the unfairness of this law can be raised, not only through media coverage but also by affecting the state's financial bottom line, which for most governments is the top priority. It will be fascinating to see how this law continues to impact both local and international travel and tourism.

Perhaps the bleakest picture of the global economic crisis is playing out in Greece, where financial woes have hit citizens so hard that rioting has occurred in the past few weeks. Greece has traditionally been a beloved tourist destination, thanks to its rich cultural history and its beautiful landscapes. However if you are planning a trip to Greece this spring or summer, be advised that you should consider international travel insurance.

While experts currently deem it safe to visit Greece, that is no guarantee that escalating tensions will not change that recommendation in the very near future. In the event that it becomes dangerous for tourists to visit Greece, it is important that you have a means to alter your travel plans without losing the significant investment you’ve made.

Many international travel insurance plans carry an option for trip cancellation, which allows you to cancel a trip on short notice and recoup the costs of your airfare, hotel accommodations, event tickets, and other costs. This way, you can monitor the situation in Greece and decide for yourself how safe you feel visiting. If you do not feel it is worth the risk, you can simply cancel your arrangements and work with your insurance company for reimbursement.

Hopefully in the near future we will see signs of an economic rebound for Greek citizens, but the immediate forecast does not call for improvement. Feel fre to follow travel analysts’ advice and book a trip, but be sure to protect your purchase with an insurance policy designed for this type of problem.

The volcano in Iceland which has wreaked havoc on global travel schedules has once again reared its ugly head, leaving travelers stranded this weekend. If you are planning to travel into or out of Europe in the near future, make certain you secure your investment with international travel insurance.

After its initial devastating impact on airline schedules a few weeks back, the volcano has again delayed flights on multiple occasions due to ash spewing towards the sky. The latest incident occurred over the weekend, particularly impacting flights out of Ireland. Many travelers were caught off guard by this relapse, and were therefore unprepared to make alternate arrangements.

Despite initial thoughts that after the first round of delays travel schedules could resume normally, there is no way to predict how many more times travelers will be inconvenienced by this natural disaster. So if you are planning a trip to or from Europe, keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

International travel insurance will come in handy in these situations, helping you recoup lost expenses, locating luggage that gets lost due to re-routing of airline schedules, and offering concierge services to find alternative travel plans. For a small investment, you can gain a large measure of protection and confidence knowing that while this problem may continue to arise, you have taken the appropriate measures to minimize the amount of pain you feel directly.
Just when international flights to and from Europe seemed to have settled back down, a resurgence of the volcano in Iceland has once again stalled flights out of Europe. This incident reminds us that because we can never predict international travel volatility, it is always a good idea to protect your investment with international travel insurance.

The expulsion of volcanic ash up to as much as 20,000 feet in the air has wreaked havoc on European air schedules. Airports in Scotland, Spain, and Italy have all been closed for safety precautions.

Many travelers had assumed that the mass shutdown of airspace a few weeks back was the worst this situation would bring, and that they could now travel safely. But those same travelers are now stuck with travel uncertainty and potentially very expensive fees if they need to re-book cancelled accommodations and bookings.

International travel insurance comes to the traveler's rescue in just these situations, offering reimbursement for expenses caused by cancellations, delays, missed connections, and even costs driven by lost luggage. For a small upfront fee, travelers can assure themselves that while these unforeseen incidents may present an inconvenience, they won't also generate financial problems.

We have all been saddened by the environmental damage sustained in the gulf coast thanks to the recent oil spill. But you may not realize this environmental disaster could become an economic disaster for the region’s tourism industry. If you are considering a visit to the area from another country, you may want to consider protecting your investment with international travel insurance.

As clean-up efforts intensify, they may not be enough to make the area an immediately viable tourist destination once again. So your plans to visit the once-beautiful beaches in the area may be derailed. And without international travel insurance, that could be a very costly problem for you.

Insurance for international travel will help reimburse the expenses associated with travel cancellations and re-scheduling. So when you cancel or re-schedule a flight, instead of being out your initial investment, you can re-coup a large portion of losses.

With the current situation in the gulf cost, needing to cancel your trip or postpone it until later in the year is a very real possibility. Don’t take a needless financial loss when the alternative of travel insurance offers you a safer option.

The U.S. has recently extended its existing travel warning to citizens considering traveling to Mexico. If you are planning a trip to this country despite warnings to the contrary, you should strongly consider protecting yourself with international health insurance.

Ongoing violence between warring drug cartels in northern Mexico continues to make the region a dangerous place for tourists. While violence may not be aimed squarely at tourists, it is not uncommon for innocent travelers to be caught in the middle of it.

For any traveler unfortunate enough to be injured in these situations, international health insurance is the best way to gain access to affordable high-quality health care. The network of skilled physicians offered by your health insurance plan will provide the stellar care you need to fully recover.

And the care itself will be made affordable by insurance. International medical insurance absorbs most of the costs of doctor's and hospital visits, leaving you to pay only a very manageable small portion of the bill. Do not venture into this dangerous area without at least assuring yourself of the coverage you need to protect yourself in a medical emergency.

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