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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

A lot of planning goes into an international trip. From passports to travel plans, you'll have many things to take care of before departing. Make sure that as you make your arrangements, you do not forget to purchase international health insurance.

Many citizens do not realize that their normal health insurance plan doesn't cover them while they are staying in another country. So on your next vacation or business trip abroad, you may actually be considered uninsured.

That can lead to very expensive medical bills should you become sick or injured. International health insurance will help absorb those costs.

With international health insurance, you will be able to get the quality medical care you need at a reasonable price. International insurance will absorb the bulk of your fees, just as your standard insurance plan does, offering you valuable financial relief.
A Carnival cruise ship recently had an accident at sea, leaving over 60 passengers with injuries. Thankfully these injuries were considered minor, and while this sort of incident is quite rare, it is still a serious one. Getting high-quality affordable medical treatment in this scenario can be difficult without international medical insurance.

Imagine that you were on this ship. How would you get medical care if your current plan didn't cover you? Would your medical plan offer the coverage you need or would you need a supplemental plan?

It's actually quite common that health insurance plans don't cover travelers at sea and in foreign countries. So if an accident does occur, you'll be considered uninsured. And that can become a very expensive problem very quickly once you start paying full price for medical care, prescriptions, etc.

International health insurance offers you high quality care at affordable rates. It closes the gaps your current insurance plan has, making sure you that whether on land or at sea, you are properly protected.
The world is captivated by the story of the volcano in Europe which has wreaked havoc on plans for thousands of travelers. This amazing act of nature reminds us that traveling can be very unpredictable, which means it is important to have international travel insurance.

European air travel was shut down as a result of the danger posed by the volcano, leaving thousands of travelers stranded in England, France, and other European countries.

Imagine that you were one of those travelers, and you were looking to get to another destination at which you had booked hotel accommodations and tickets to special events. This unforeseen obstacle would have cost you hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars - unless you had travel insurance.

Travel insurance helps reimburse you for the cost of cancelled flights. And it doesn't have to be an act of nature either - if you cancel a flight for business reasons, to tend to a sick family member, or for any number of other causes, you can still recoup your investment, which can save you quite a bit of money
Travel plans can change at a moment's notice for a variety of reasons, however airlines offer you very little flexibility in changing a flight you have already booked. This can be a very expensive problem, unless you have international travel insurance.

From personal emergencies to business reasons, there are many factors that may cause your travel plans to change with very little advanced warning. You may have an ill family member, or your client may decide to move a meeting they had previously scheduled with you.

Many tickets sold by airlines are nonrefundable, and typically after the first 24 hours in which you've bought the tickets you will not be able to make many changes to your flight plans. Your only option is to pay not only for the ticket you cannot use but for a new one as well (if you are re-scheduling your trip). Some airlines may charge special cancellation fees on top of that.

But international travel insurance offers you security when making travel plans. It will reimburse you for the cost of flights cancelled for a variety of different reasons. This even covers many non-refundable flights. So you will be able to adapt with the changes life throws your way without having to pay 2-3 times what your travel reservations should be.
New airline fees have either gone into effect or been announced by more carriers this week. This is the latest in a long line of factors making it more expensive for international travelers to fly. For travelers looking to save money by protecting their investment, there is no better option than international travel insurance.

The new fees were announced by Spirit Airlines, which will be charging passengers for carrying luggage onto flights, and Ryanair, which is proposing to charge a fee to customers using the restroom on flights. These are certainly two of the more creative fees that have been introduced and they will likely be met with displeasure by travelers.

Travelers have previously been subjected to increased fuel taxes, service charges, and fees for checking their bags. Each of these fees makes it incrementally more expensive to travel.

International travel insurance protects the significant investment you make in airline tickets and hotel accommodations. For a small fee, you can get reimbursed for tickets that you have to cancel due to personal or business reasons, as well as from missed connections and delays. That way, if an unforeseen incident arises, you will not lose all of the money you spent on the ticket and its accompanying fees.

Recent protests in Bangkok, Thailand are gaining attention around the world. For travelers, these protests remind us of the need for international medical insurance.

The protests are aimed at forcing the Thai Prime Minister to force new parliamentary elections, and they have been ongoing for three weeks. The country has now been placed under a state of emergency by the government,

While the protests have to this point been nonviolent, the simple truth is you never know when that could change or what could trigger it. And as an international visitor, being caught in a violent situation could be a potentially huge problem.

If you find yourself injured without medical insurance, you will face expensive healthcare fees. Being injured in a foreign land is certainly enough of a problem unto itself; you do not need to compound it by having a financial worry associated with it. But international health insurance will absorb the bulk of your medical fees, allowing you to focus on getting well and getting out of the country safely.

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