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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

New airline fees have either gone into effect or been announced by more carriers this week. This is the latest in a long line of factors making it more expensive for international travelers to fly. For travelers looking to save money by protecting their investment, there is no better option than international travel insurance.

The new fees were announced by Spirit Airlines, which will be charging passengers for carrying luggage onto flights, and Ryanair, which is proposing to charge a fee to customers using the restroom on flights. These are certainly two of the more creative fees that have been introduced and they will likely be met with displeasure by travelers.

Travelers have previously been subjected to increased fuel taxes, service charges, and fees for checking their bags. Each of these fees makes it incrementally more expensive to travel.

International travel insurance protects the significant investment you make in airline tickets and hotel accommodations. For a small fee, you can get reimbursed for tickets that you have to cancel due to personal or business reasons, as well as from missed connections and delays. That way, if an unforeseen incident arises, you will not lose all of the money you spent on the ticket and its accompanying fees.

Recent protests in Bangkok, Thailand are gaining attention around the world. For travelers, these protests remind us of the need for international medical insurance.

The protests are aimed at forcing the Thai Prime Minister to force new parliamentary elections, and they have been ongoing for three weeks. The country has now been placed under a state of emergency by the government,

While the protests have to this point been nonviolent, the simple truth is you never know when that could change or what could trigger it. And as an international visitor, being caught in a violent situation could be a potentially huge problem.

If you find yourself injured without medical insurance, you will face expensive healthcare fees. Being injured in a foreign land is certainly enough of a problem unto itself; you do not need to compound it by having a financial worry associated with it. But international health insurance will absorb the bulk of your medical fees, allowing you to focus on getting well and getting out of the country safely.

Planning to travel abroad this summer but looking to save money while doing so? Here are some easy ways to save, including buying international travel insurance.

International travel insurance offers financial protection against common travel problems like missed connections, cancelled flights, and lost luggage. If you need to postpone a flight because of a personal issue or you miss a flight because of an airline issue, you will be able to get reimbursed on your travel costs. This even applies to nonrefundable tickets! When you think of how much your airfare, hotel, and entertainment options cost on a typical international vacation, this is clearly a valuable purchase.

In terms of saving on the actual travel plans themselves, one great place to start is by looking online. You can find great prices online and you can often sign up for special rewards programs that will send you special offers and rate via e-mail. You can also compare flights and hotels from many different sources to find the best deal.

For those who prefer to book travel in person, see if your travel agent offers a group rate and take some friends along with you. By buying tickets and hotel rooms for multiple people, you can often get a lower per-person price by buying in a group, since companies will be happy to offer a lower price to several guaranteed buyers. Whether you prefer to buy online or in person, these are just a couple of great ways to save on travel. Back up your purchases with international travel insurance will then ensure your investment is not lost.
New security measures announced by the United States this week will be of particular interest to international travelers. These new policies will affect the screening process for incoming international passengers, so world travelers will want to familiarize themselves with the new process before setting their travel plans.

New criteria is being used to determine what passengers will be subject to additional security screening measures. These new criteria replace an older version that was thought to be less effective than what was needed to assure travelers' security.

Additional intelligence about passengers will now be used, likely allowing for less additional screening. However the screening should be better targeted and likely to better identify true security risks, according to the government.

International travelers visiting the U.S. should pay careful attention to these policy revisions, as they could increase or decrease their chances of being subjected to additional screenings. While the practice of additional screenings may be uncomfortable and sometimes controversial, they seem to be an unfortunate necessary effect of the current global political landscape.
A poll hosted by CNN.com's travel section indicates that 56% of respondents plan to travel more in 2010 than they did in 2009. If you are included in that group and your travels will be taking you outside of your home country, be sure you are traveling with international health insurance.

International health insurance will protect you against the high costs of medical coverage. The insurance plan you use in your home country likely will not work in the country you are traveling in, and without insurance the cost of receiving even basic care can be quite high.

But you can buy an affordable international health insurance policy and use it to absorb medical expenses. This way you will be left o pay only a manageable amount while your insurer picks up the majority of the bill. You will not need to worry about how to afford coverage if you become sick or injured.

The fact that people are traveling more is a great sign for the economy,and hopefully the projections of this informal poll play out in real life. Just make certain that if you are planning to partake in these increased travel plans, you protect yourself financially with international medical insurance.
Planning to attend the upcoming World Cup event in South Africa? It is just a few months away, however tickets are still remaining, so it is not too late to make plans to attend. If you do go, however, make certain that while reserving event tickets and hotel accommodations, you also purchase travel insurance.

While over 2 million tickets have already been sold, that only counts for 1/3rd the total amount of tickets. If you choose to invest in tickets, airfare, and hotel reservations, you will be making a significant financial commitment. What happens if something happens in your personal or professional life that suddenly prevents you from being able to go?

Travel insurance will protect your travel investment. If you need to cancel a flight, or you miss a connection due to delays or other circumstances, travel insurance will help absorb the cost of your bookings so that you don't lose all the money you have spent. So with just a small upfront payment, you can make sure you don't lose a lot of money.

The World Cup is perhaps the largest sporting event in the world, and 2010's unique location of South Africa has many people excited for the event. However, because of the importance and popularity of the event, it can be quite expensive to attend. To make certain that a sudden change in plans doesn't cost you all the money you've spent on travel plans, consider purchasing travel insurance.

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