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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

In today's economy, cruises have become an increasingly popular vacation choice because of their all-inclusive nature. With a cruise, you get all the on-board activities that take place on the ship, you get to stop and explore some amazing ports of call, and your lodging and travel expenses between stops are covered within your cruise tickets. It's a great way to bundle the costs of all the elements of your vacation into one price. But one element that isn't included but is crucial for a safe and healthy cruising adventure is travel medical insurance.

What's that you say? You already have medical insurance through your employer? That's great when it comes to domestic needs. Did you realize it may very well not cover you when you're in international waters or docked in other countries? It's true. Many insurance plans, especially those with restrictive in and out of network policies, will not offer you coverage for accidents and illnesses that occur outside the borders of the country the plan was issued in.

So what does that mean? It means you are essentially uninsured on a cruise. So if you hurt yourself while rock-climbing at a port of call and have to visit a doctor in that country, you will need to pay full prices out of pocket. That can be very expensive, especially depending on the severity of your injury.

Travel medical insurance will protect you financially in this sort of event. It will cover the costs of medical coverage just as your current plan does in your native country. So you'll be assured of high-quality, affordable medical care. Remember when booking your trip their is one element that is not included in your great deal; health insurance.
For a business traveler, an international flight isn't just a part of their job, it's an investment in their professional future. As business has become more globalized and new opportunities open up in business channels throughout the world, it's more important than ever to stake your ground in countries before your competitors do. So a ticket to China for a business meeting is much more than part of another meeting; it's an investment in your chance to be the first company in your industry to establish relationships in this global power. And to properly protect this investment, you need travel insurance.

In addition to providing healthcare coverage, travel insurance also offers many options that help business travelers logistically. For instance, if your luggage becomes lost, travel insurance can offer location assistance as well as reimbursement for the expense of buying new luggage and the contents that were in it.

If you need to make additional travel and lodging arrangements upon arriving in your destination country (as there is always the chance you could have a booking cancelled or filed incorrectly), travel assistance offers concierge services that can help you find ground transportation and accommodations.

Or if your flight gets delayed or cancelled, travel insurance can provide help as well. And these are just a few of the incidents that travel insurance covers. If you're traveling internationally for an important business meeting, you don't want your plans derailed by a missed flight, lost luggage, or hotel double-booking. Travel insurance offers protection in the event that any of these problems arises.
Countless citizens from around the world are beginning to descend on Vancouver, British Columbia Canada to take in the spectacle of the Olympics. If you are fortunate enough to be able to witness the Olympics, World Cup, or other massive global event in person, make sure you don't underestimate the importance of buying travel medical insurance.

While we all like to think about the excitement and pageantry of these events, the truth is that when you gather this many people in one location, there is simply bound to be accidents and injuries. For example, with many people from foreign countries suddenly thrown together on unfamiliar roadways, there's likely to be a number of auto accidents. And bringing large groups of people together also spreads germs; you don't want your experience ruined by the flu or some other illness.

Another distinct possibility is that your actual travel could make you sick. Traveling for hours to get to your destination, not to mention the stress of a new climate and location change on your body, can weaken your immune system and make you much more susceptible to illness.

In the event one of these or another unforeseen malady strikes you while visiting your event, you'll want to be sure to have a good travel medical insurance program in your name. You can buy them for short periods of time too, so you don't need to worry that you're spending a great deal of money for more coverage than you need.Travel medical insurance will help you get affordable coverage no matter where you are.
Missionary work is a noble and rewarding pursuit, but you cannot lose sight of the fact that it is also extremely dangerous. The recent story of 10 American missionaries who were taken hostage in Haiti after trying to take children out of the country has reminded everyone around the world that this type of work can be very hazardous indeed. While it won't protect you from every potentially bad scenario, missionary travel insurance is a wise investment when traveling to unfamiliar countries.

The American missionaries in question visited Haiti after the famous earthquake devastated the country, and they were arrested for trying to transport 33 Haitian children across the border to the Dominican Republic. While missionary travel insurance obviously cannot prevent you from getting arrested, it would certainly be valuable to these ten missionaries and any others visiting the country as well.

With the damage and destruction caused by the earthquake, the potential for missionaries to become ill or injured is extremely high. Any buildings left standing could collapse at any moment, roadways are damaged and unreliable, and there is most certainly a lot of potent germs circulating from the dying citizens.

Should missionaries need medical assistance in an event like this from these many risk factors, missionary travel insurance will make sure they can get affordable coverage. And if this particular incident were to lead the Haitian government to force any remaining missionaries to leave, then missionary travel insurance offers repatriation assistance to help them get back to their home country. If you're considering missionary work in an environment like this, be aware of the many types of potential dangers and purchase insurance to protect yourself.
Is there anything worse than travel delays? Finding yourself in a terminal awaiting a plane that is off-schedule is one of the most frustrating things that can happen on your trip. And when you’re traveling internationally, you can afford delays even less. Travel insurance protects your investment from delays and other inconveniences.

During international travel, deadlines are even more important, and one simple delay can cause a missed connection that literally ruins your entire itinerary. And with it being winter, we’re absolutely in the heart of travel delay season. Major airports are being snowed in and iced over in abundance, leaving tourists and business travelers alike stranded. What’s an international traveler to do?

International insurance is a great first start. While you may at first buy an international medical insurance plan to protect your health while traveling, you can also ad on valuable additional coverage plans that protect your interests while traveling.

A variety of missed connection and delay coverage options are available, offering you financial compensation on missed or delayed flights that affect subsequent travel plans. So you can travel confidently knowing that if a delay occurs, losing the money you’ve invested on the flight (no small cost) is not something you’ll need to worry about. You can’t make delays a thing of the past, but you can make worrying about how much they’ll cost you a distant memory.
The Mid-Atlantic United States was once again bombarded by snow over the weekend.wth blizzard conditions dumping as much as two feet of snow in Washington D.C. and other areas, it was impossible for people to get out of their own homes, much less to travel anywhere. Have you thought about what you would do if the weather or other circumstances prevented you from making your already-booked international travel? The answer to your problem comes in the form of international travel insurance.

Your international travel insurance policy will come with trip cancellation insurance, so that if you have to cancel your flight, you can do so with as little as 48 hours notice and still recoup a large portion of your expenses (as much as 70%). So even if the airline doesn’t cancel your flight, you can still have a backup plan in case you simply cannot make your travel.

There are different types of trip cancellation insurance, covering cancellations for business-specific reasons or cancelling for any reason at all. That way you can choose the kind which best suits your circumstances, and you’ll be protected whether traveling for business, pleasure, or both.

Between weather, security concerns, and business schedules, there are more obstacles than ever to prevent you from traveling internationally on schedule. International travel insurance will offer you monetary protection in the event that any of these factors cancels your flight, causes delays, or leads to missed connections.

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