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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

Around the world, international students have benefited greatly from international student insurance. Whether a study abroad student from the United States, or an international student studying in the United States, insurance will help students protect themselves during one of the most financially unstable periods of their lives.

The recent spate of attacks in Australia have turned the heads of many—especially since the attacks seem targeted against students, for the most part. While U.S. universities are known for their diversity and attacks are less common, it is nonetheless in the best interest of every student to protect himself/herself against crime.

Often, international students are unable to afford university housing. University housing is often expensive, and sometimes unavailable to graduate students. Housing around the campus then becomes the obvious choice. However, this poses a problem for universities and colleges in cities where the crime rate is high.

To safeguard against attacks, student must avoid traveling alone at night. Female students must be extra careful. Having pepper spray on person at all times is a good idea. However, students must check the legality of the pepper spray in their own state. If, by chance, the student is a victim of mugging, it is best to not be a hero—it is better to let go of possessions rather than try and fight the attackers.

With the global village being a real concept now, appropriate expatriate and international health insurance are of paramount importance. When you move to another country for work or leisure, you must ensure that you are adequately covered in your new home.

There are several plans that cater to the expatriate market, and HTH Worldwide’s Global Citizen Plans offer just that. There are two plans that the company offers: Global Citizen and Global Citizen EXP. Global Citizen offers coverage within the United States and abroad, and Global Citizen EXP offers coverage only abroad.

Both plans offer a range of deductibles—from $0 to $25,000. While both the plans offer a 100% benefit outside the United States, the Global Citizen plan offers an 80% coverage up to a predetermined minimum, and then offers 100% coverage.

Some of the benefits of the plan include physician office visits, immunization, and one routine physical exam per year. The plans also offer benefits for other inpatient and outpatient care. Prescription drugs, examinations, and ambulance services are also covered. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains are also offered as benefits. Global Citizen plans truly allow you to enjoy your life as an expat, without a care in the world!

Parts of Asia and Africa will witness a solar eclipse on January 15, and eclipse chasers are setting up tent in countries where the eclipse will be best seen. If you’ve missed this one, you can always catch the one on Easter Island, although most eclipse-watching tours require that you have adequate international travel health insurance.

Easter Island, where the eclipse will be visible in July, also forms the setting for some great sightseeing, and travel agencies offer great package deals for the season. However, the viewing of the eclipse may be disrupted or flights to the nation cancelled simply because of the nature of the phenomenon. The tours therefore require that you purchase international travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits.

Most tours also offer their own insurance, but check the coverage carefully to see if emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains are included. Also check that all relevant coverage is reasonable, and that ratings of the insurance companies themselves are positive.

Lastly, while eclipse viewing may make for exciting travel, especially when at sea, or surrounded by beautiful locations, ensure that you are medically safe when watching the sun. Never view the sun directly, as the rays may damage your eyesight. And enjoy the celestial phenomenon that confounded our ancestors, and inspires awe in us!

When you’re booking an international cruise, chances are that your cruise operator will also offer international travel insurance for the duration of the cruise as a “package deal.” Be aware that this coverage may not be adequate to meet your needs.

What’s more, these plans are usually more expensive than other outside travel insurance plans. It is also reported that it is tougher to get reimbursed for expenses if insurance is purchased through the cruise operator. To avoid the unnecessary expenses that might arise, it is best to purchase trip cancellation and medical insurance plans elsewhere.

One such plan that offers comprehensive trip cancellation and medical benefits is the Cruise, Tour and Travel plan offered by Travel Guard. The plan offers trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits, along with trip delay and missed connection benefits as well.

Other coverage that the plan offers includes medical expenses up to a limit of $50,000, and emergency medical evacuation and accidental death and dismemberment benefits. The plan also covers baggage loss, as well as personal effects, whether borrowed or rented. The plan also offers optional “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage and car rental collision coverage.

If you’re a student in the United States, resolve to pay attention to your international student insurance plan this semester. Although the U.S. government does not have any restrictions or requirements for F-1 visa holders, it does have some requirements for J-1 visa holders.

However, your university will have some prerequisites for student insurance. Your university will also offer an insurance plan that covers most major medical expenses, including mental health coverage. If you are looking for alternate private insurance, pay attention to the following benefits which you might not otherwise.

Mental health coverage: Remember that mental health care is extremely expensive in the United States. Although mental health may not be something you pay attention to in your home country, it assumes importance when you are away from home. This is especially true if you live in the northern part of the country where winters can be long and depressing.

Coverage outside the city of residence: Most insurance plans offered by your college or university feature extremely limited options for coverage outside the city of residence and outside the plan’s PPO network. You will be visiting friends and family outside of your city and you will need to be covered adequately. Be smart and ensure that your insurance actually comes in handy.

With Valentines Day coming up, you might be looking to take your special someone on a special vacation, insuring your trip with international travel health insurance. The last thing you want to manage during such a special trip is the extra stress of losing your baggage, arriving late, or losing a bunch of money because you need to cancel your trip.

The one-stop solution to ensure that your trip investment is returned to you is trip cancellation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance does not just reimburse the costs of a canceled flight. Most plans offer reimbursement for non-refundable hotel reservations and other expenses as well.

Most trip cancellation plans also offer some sort of baggage loss benefit. Usually, the expenses are refunded provided the cancellation of the trip is due to a covered reason—usually the death of a close family member, or the destruction of the primary residence of the plan holder.

Remember to read the clauses in the trip cancellation insurance carefully to check the reasons for cancellation that are covered. Purchasing the “Cancel for Any Reason” rider covers you for most reasons, but some are still excluded. “Change of Valentines’ Heart’ is probably, unfortunately, one the exclusions!

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