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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

You have trip cancellation insurance as part of your international travel insurance, and on the eve of your trip, a close family member passes away. Your insurance plan will cover a percentage of the expenses that are non-refundable, but the company will not just write you a check with a note of sympathy. You will need to prove to the insurance company that your claim is genuine.

For plans belonging to the Patriot group, you will need the following documents to buttress your claim: copies of credit card statements showing the booking and refund pertaining to the booking, all unused tickets and vouchers, and a copy of the terms and conditions pertaining to cancellation of the booking.

If the cancellation is due to a personal medical emergency, you must attach a medical certificate certifying the same, and if it is due to the death of a close family member, you must attach a death certificate along with proof of your relationship with the deceased.

Remember to include any relevant information in the claim form. If the incident occurs abroad, write down the incident as you remember it as soon as possible. Do not wait to return home. If you’re traveling, you’ll probably have a camera anyway, and be sure to take pictures of anything you might think is supporting evidence of your claim. Check claim procedures with your company before travel.
The Global Navigator missionary insurance plan specially created for missionaries and volunteers offers comprehensive benefits both within and outside the United States. Any U.S. citizen under the age of 75 years who resides in any of the 41 states specified can avail of the plan.

The plan effectively works as long-term insurance, providing benefits such as primary care office visits, preventative care, annual physical examinations, outpatient care, and hospitalization, ambulance, ambulatory surgery, and mental healthcare benefits including alcohol or drug abuse coverage. Other benefits include accidental death and dismemberment, repatriation of remains, and medical evacuation.

Coverage offered by the Global Navigator plan is highest outside the United States, followed by U.S. care within the PPO Network, followed by care in the United States outside the network. Global Navigator also offers group plans, in addition to the individual plans.

Exclusions include pre-existing conditions, with a look-back period of one year. However, the period can be reduced or eliminated if the applicant can prove that he/she was covered by a creditable insurance policy prior to application, with a Certificate of Creditable Coverage. For example, if the applicant was covered for four months, the look-back period is eight months only.
With the jingle of Santa Claus’s bells faintly heard, many people sketch out their holiday plans to visit friends and relatives abroad. International travel health insurance plans protect you from any accidents or unexpected situations that may arise during such a visit. But beware—insurance does not give you

Let’s say Fred Lee was traveling to the U.S. to meet his niece. The family was overjoyed to receive Fred and the day before Christmas, they went to see the famous Rockefeller christmas tree. Dinner was at a popular restaurant and Fred had a couple more drinks than he could handle.

When Lee was driving the car back home, he rammed into a tree .He was injured and admitted to a hospital .When his relatives approached the insurance company for help, the company declined. Travel and medical insurance do not cover injuries occurring under the influence of drugs or alcohol beyond the permissible limit.

This might seem a party spoiler, but consider this: Excessive consumption of alcohol impairs brain function and causes coordination problems, blurred vision and even unconsciousness. So when you injure yourself or lose baggage under the influence of alcohol, it is not really an ‘accident’ or even ‘unexpected’. So next time while on a visit- do not drink and drive; better still, do not consume too much alcohol.
Accidents are not planned, but it is fact that we need to be prepared should one happen with us. Especially so for international students, who have already a hundred other study-related things already on their minds. A good international student medical insurance policy goes a long way in keeping finances available, should the need arise.

It could be an auto accident or a sports injury. A missed step on the staircase or the proverbial banana skin. It is quite impossible to foresee something like that, nor know how much medical expenditure will finally let us emerge out of it.

Factor in the costs of diagnostics and prescription medication and hospital room expenditure, and you have a bill that might just be out of reach for most students. Not to mention the mental stress during the phase, and missing classes.

It is just not worth the risk to go without coverage. In a country other than your own, specifically the USA, there is no telling how high medical expenses can go even for simple ailments. The way to peace of mind is through a good international medical insurance policy.
One man's holiday season is another man's hectic work season. When the whole world is in the holiday mood, there is one set of people who work harder than usual. I am talking about the marine yacht crew members who strive to keep the standards of service higher than ever during this season. It is hard enough to keep working when the rest of us are having fun. Add to that, they also find it difficult to get a good marine yacht crew insurance.

They need a comprehensive, yet portable insurance plan that is flexible enough to accommodate their unique requirements. The benefits offered by the policy need to be tailored according to their needs and cover them wherever their travels take them.

Their assignments vary with time - they could be on the ships for a short duration or for a longer time (some times stretching up to six months). Travels might take them across borders faster and more frequently than any other individuals.

It is advisable to buy a good international medical insurance policy before getting on that ship. Make sure that if you are taken ill this holiday season, it is not remembered as a month of mounting medical costs.
With the holiday season beckoning, almost everyone is planning their travel. Waiting for that elusive holiday deal on air tickets and hotels, buying gifts, calling people, so much seems to be happening. In all the hurry, do not forget to buy a good international health insurance policy if you are traveling abroad. Holiday season also happens to be statistically one of the major periods requiring health care. It is best to stay covered during the time.

Another area of concern that you need to keep in mind if you are traveling by air is that chances of losing your baggage are pretty high just about now. Statistically, the are more lost baggage claims filed during these two months than in any other period of the year. It makes sense to buy an international travel insurance policy that comes with trip cancellation and lost baggage benefits.

The holiday season is meant to be time spent peacefully with your family and the last thing you want to do is worry about your lost luggage, or a cancelled/interrupted trip or escalating medical bills. Taking a chance and hoping nothing will go wrong might just not be worth it.

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