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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

This isn’t the kind of anniversary anyone would want to celebrate. It’s a solemn occasion to remember lives lost and families broken apart by the events of September 11 ten years ago. There will be hundreds of visitors traveling, hopefully with international travel insurance, to different sites affected by the 9/11 events.

Over and above the sadness that is expected to envelope the country, the reason why many foreigners feel the need to be in the U.S. is because of admiration for the resiliency and patriotism Americans feel. This is a guiding light for the rest of the world to follow whenever tragedy occurs.

Naturally, there are still fears about terrorism which makes international travel insurance a necessity. In fact, according to former CIA director, Michael Hayden in a interview with The Daily Caller, he says, “Safer is the right word; we’re not truly safe.” He was referring to the fact that the threat from radical terrorists remain. “But, they are less capable.”

This was confirmed by Matthew Levitt from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy who says that the al-Qaida while badly shaken still has the potential to do damage. And sadly, it can happen anywhere in the world, not just on September 11 or any other special event. This is why it’s far better to be prepared than to wait for something to happen before we act to protect ourselves and our family.

Anyone planning to travel to Canada might be surprised to find out that previously declared most livable city, Vancouver has been usurped by Melbourne this year. Vancouver now ranks third, coming in after Austria. Does this mean you need international health insurance when you visit Vancouver? Of course, because overseas health insurance is applicable for when you get sick outside of your home country. It covers your expenses which would otherwise wipe out your entire travel budget. And it applies for every country.

Many people assume that if a city is listed as highly developed and ranked as extremely livable and modern, you’re safe, health-wise. That would be a big mistake because one can get sick anywhere and it could be caused by airborne virus or touching an object that has something infectious like a doorknob or a countertop.

Also, places like the United States, Canada, and Australia have costly medical care. It gets to a point of being exorbitant if you don’t have insurance. They cost more because the facilities there have the best equipment and doctors, and those things cost money. Proof of this is the criteria on which the most livable cities are based on: health care, infrastructure, education, culture, and stability. In the case of why Vancouver dropped after maintaining the top position since 2002, the answer could possibly be the hockey riots this past summer.

A 5.8 intensity earthquake in the East Coast was felt from New York to Georgia and Chicago. Is time to get earthquake insurance? Is there even such a thing as earthquake insurance? Before anyone starts to panic and flood the phone lines, the best option is to get international health insurance instead. With international travel health insurance, it doesn’t matter where you are, you’re insured.

The damage from the earthquake appears to be minimal although there are reports of pipes busting and the incredible rumor that the Washington Monument tilted a bit. Aftershocks were felt hours after the earthquake but damage estimates, if any, will probably take days to assess.

Right now, anyone in the U.S. now must have felt their heart skip a beat after hearing the news. This is why their is flood of inquiries and a renewed interest in insurance. Experts say that since there is no such thing as of now covering earthquakes exclusively, and it’s unlikely that there will be an offer, life or health insurance for non travelers is good while travel insurance is best for tourists, international students, and business people.

It would be useless to get property insurance because these international health insurance plans exclude damage from what legal terms call “force majeur”. This refers to events beyond anyone’s control like earthquakes and sinkholes.

If you already have a policy, consider reviewing and adding supplemental insurance to simplify the process.

Did you know that there are approximately 1,300 U.S. doctors who have complaints lodged about them regarding their “poor care” practices? And when you think about traveling overseas where there is no proper monitoring system for doctors like in the U.S., how can you tell if you are getting the right treatment? Once again, here is a classic example of why international travel health insurance is important. International medical insurance providers will have accredited facilities and doctors on their roster that have gone through the stringent verification and regular monitoring. Thus, you know that the doctor in front of you is reliable, knowledgeable, and without pending legal cases to take care of.

In the case of the 1,300 plus doctors, this is a figure that spans almost 20 years which is a pretty good record for a country as large as the U.S. There are consumer groups that keep tabs on these complaints and make sure that they are addressed and resolved in the right places.

It is hardly ever the same with more than 50% of other countries. If you do not know anyone in the country you are visiting, then you’re practically at the mercy of the attending nurse and doctor in the emergency room. This isn’t to say that they are not qualified, but why gamble with your life when you can play it safe with a good insurance provider?

If you are planning an international trip this year and think that your credit card offer for travel insurance is sufficient, you’re wrong. In fact, you should be wary of these so-called freebies from any credit card company. They have fine print so small on the terms of the policy you could very well miss the salient points. For instance, international travel insurance with credit card companies is limited and does not cover any kind of medical emergency or recovery treatment. It’s like getting a first aid security which is something you can easily get in any airport, bus terminal, or ship port.

It would far more ideal to rule out the credit card company and just go straight to the insurance company or agent. It takes away one step in making claims because you will get an insurance card which validates your policy, and the phone numbers there take you straight to processing phase.

However, if you are still going ahead with relying on your credit card company to provide you with insurance, then make sure you get the details right. Find out the coverage and how to activate the insurance. Ask about what would happen if your credit card is rejected on a transaction and if this will affect your insurance. It happens especially during international travel that restaurants, hotels, or other establishments deny a transaction temporarily as a safety measure. You can avoid this by informing the credit card company that you will be traveling overseas, so they can expect charges to come in suddenly from a place where you’ve never used the card before.

This is not a gender issue, but truly women have special needs and when they travel, it becomes more pronounced. For this reason,international travel health insurance makes so much sense. Confused? Here’s why they need special care:

Women Never Travel Light

Make-up kit, toiletries, clothing, shoes, bags - you name it. Women have to have a selection and all the necessary tools to look good. To get an idea of what this means, just go over a woman from the top of her head to her feet. Every part that you can see will be something she thinks of daily. Don’t laugh at her extra luggage, it’s what makes her adorable and allows her to feel beautiful. Be scared if she does lose something in transit - it will upset her balance and take her time to adjust to the lose,  however temporary it may be.

Women Have Health Issues That Can Cramp A Vacation

From the monthly menstruation to infections from lack of hydration, women will be prone to certain discomforts that can make vacations plans put on hold for a day or two. With the international travel health insurance, she can get the medication she needs and not have to worry about menstrual cramps or hot flashes.

And as if you didn’t know women have a list of ceremonies that have to follow before they go to bed. If they skip one step, it can be disastrous. For instance, they will want to know about cleanliness, hygiene, and even if the water is purified.

These are just of the reasons why women need that extra protection insurance can provide. It’s not just for their peace of mind but for everyone traveling with her. Needless to say, not all women are like this, but it is not uncommon.

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