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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

If you are planning an international trip this year and think that your credit card offer for travel insurance is sufficient, you’re wrong. In fact, you should be wary of these so-called freebies from any credit card company. They have fine print so small on the terms of the policy you could very well miss the salient points. For instance, international travel insurance with credit card companies is limited and does not cover any kind of medical emergency or recovery treatment. It’s like getting a first aid security which is something you can easily get in any airport, bus terminal, or ship port.

It would far more ideal to rule out the credit card company and just go straight to the insurance company or agent. It takes away one step in making claims because you will get an insurance card which validates your policy, and the phone numbers there take you straight to processing phase.

However, if you are still going ahead with relying on your credit card company to provide you with insurance, then make sure you get the details right. Find out the coverage and how to activate the insurance. Ask about what would happen if your credit card is rejected on a transaction and if this will affect your insurance. It happens especially during international travel that restaurants, hotels, or other establishments deny a transaction temporarily as a safety measure. You can avoid this by informing the credit card company that you will be traveling overseas, so they can expect charges to come in suddenly from a place where you’ve never used the card before.

This is not a gender issue, but truly women have special needs and when they travel, it becomes more pronounced. For this reason,international travel health insurance makes so much sense. Confused? Here’s why they need special care:

Women Never Travel Light

Make-up kit, toiletries, clothing, shoes, bags - you name it. Women have to have a selection and all the necessary tools to look good. To get an idea of what this means, just go over a woman from the top of her head to her feet. Every part that you can see will be something she thinks of daily. Don’t laugh at her extra luggage, it’s what makes her adorable and allows her to feel beautiful. Be scared if she does lose something in transit - it will upset her balance and take her time to adjust to the lose,  however temporary it may be.

Women Have Health Issues That Can Cramp A Vacation

From the monthly menstruation to infections from lack of hydration, women will be prone to certain discomforts that can make vacations plans put on hold for a day or two. With the international travel health insurance, she can get the medication she needs and not have to worry about menstrual cramps or hot flashes.

And as if you didn’t know women have a list of ceremonies that have to follow before they go to bed. If they skip one step, it can be disastrous. For instance, they will want to know about cleanliness, hygiene, and even if the water is purified.

These are just of the reasons why women need that extra protection insurance can provide. It’s not just for their peace of mind but for everyone traveling with her. Needless to say, not all women are like this, but it is not uncommon.

According to hundreds of medical experts, the world is moving at a pace too fast for anyone to keep up with. During these next two months alone, events are unfolding all over the world. Whether you plan to stop working and relax at home or travel to an international destination, you will need international medical insurance. You will need to take some time out to have fun and enjoy life.  Work will always be there, waiting for you. Consider traveling to any of these places to rejuvenate.

In the Devon, UK a new type of family festival will be held from Aug 11 to 14. It will features family-oriented activities and shows like giant origami, willow, weaving, raft building, zip wires, and doodling for children.

In Quebec, the new Le Train du Massif de Charlevoix will be open to passengers traveling from La Malbaie and Quebec City. You will enjoy a beautiful scenic route to mountain resort of Charlevoix. All happening in September.

If fireworks enthrall you, then you might be interested in a short 4 day vacation trip to
Scheveningen Pier in the Hague. This will be the sight of the Scheveningen International Fireworks Festival in mid-August. The competition is intense and features the participation of different countries like The Netherlands, Belgium and several other countries. It is a spectacular display of pyrotechnics dancing to music in an effort to bring home the trophy. Last year, Belgium won before a record number of spectators. The organizers are expecting even more people to come to watch this year’s amazing display.

Next month, thousands of young teenagers and adults will be making their way to Madrid, Spain to celebrate the World Youth Day 2011. Parents are advised to make sure their teenagers have international health insurance. If you have never seen the crowds in events like these, you should check them out on YouTube. There are massive number of people from all over the world. They come from different cultures and background. The international travel health insurance will cover their medical needs if you get cramps, fever, injuries, consultation fees, hospitalization and even medical evacuation if necessary.

The World Youth Day is an Catholic event that has been ongoing every year since 2004. The Pope is always present to meet and encourage the youth of different denominations, although the attendees will be mostly Roman Catholic.

Some of the safety precautions is to make sure immunization is updated. Spain and other European countries have had a measles outbreak recently. The influenza shot would also be a good idea. Food should be cooked and fresh vegetables and fruits washed carefully.

With an expected turnout of over one million, most places will be crowded. This means keeping close watch over your personal belongings especially travel documents and money. If you cannot handle the heat, stay away from congested areas. Bring a handheld battery-operated fan and cool clothing. It is also important to stay hydrated and always be with a partner or group. Never venture out on your own and let others know your whereabouts at all time. Finally, keep the number of your insurance provider in case you need assistance with your international health insurance.

This is the time of the year when families and students start traveling for fun. Not many are planning overseas trips but those who have plans are also making sure they get the international health insurance. This is the kind of insurance that will cover expenses in the event of a sickness, hospitalization, treatment or even death.

It sounds morbid to be thinking of death in a time when school’s out and the fun is just about to begin. But that’s the reality of travel - facing unknown risks, strange people and cultures, different food, and extreme adventures. Why travel without being prepared?

Look at what is going on around the world. Don’t use these events to stop you from living and enjoying your life but it will be a good idea to be aware and prepared.

July 11 saw an Indian trail derailed while traveling at a speed of 108 kilometers an hour. Sixty-eight people died including 2 Swedish nationals. A light plane a day later crashed in Manitoba, Canada. Fortunately, no one died and the injured pilot was flying solo.  Two days earlier, over 100 people dies from a plane crash in Russia, and in Chicago a drunk teenager who was also on drugs stole a car and ended up in an accident that killed a 911 dispatcher.

All these happened in 3 days. They are random and unexpected. Visitors and tourists need to be ready in case something happens to cause them injury. Overseas health insurance is one of the most effective ways to make sure you get treatment and the right kind of attention - the kind of attention that saves lives.

Many Americans and Europeans dream of traveling to poorly developed countries to help people in need. However, even before confirming any travel plans, it is extremely important to get international health insurance. This kind of global health insurance will make sure international travelers get the kind of health insurance that will prevent unnecessary medical expenses and prompt medical treatment.

More so once you consider that you are facing an unknown as a foreigner in a strange country, maybe even with very little English-speaking locals.  It will also keep families feeling more assured that should anything happen, you are covered by a trusted insurance provider.

Furthermore, should travel plans not push through for any reason, your travel insurance will reimburse you for your unused tickets and other expenses.

Helping people in need is a noble cause but it can take the turn for the worst if you don’t stay healthy. Even if you have a pre-existing condition, you don’t have to toss your dreams aside. The insurance will help you in case you lose your prescriptive drugs or need to contact a medical specialist. This type of insurance will accept visitors to foreign countries who are teachers, students, international professionals and consultants, marine crew, missionaries, doctors, nurses, and expatriates.

Even if you are planning to go for a few days, you will need this type of international health insurance because all it takes is one virulent bacteria or unsafe drinking water to affect your health.

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