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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

With the Olympic Games kicking off in London, thousands of sport enthusiasts from all over the world are busy packing their bags to London.  Apart from being a part of the great global event of Olympics, it is also a good opportunity to visit one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. With thousands of visitors arriving in London from all corners of the world, there is bound to be some confusion regarding accommodation and travel arrangements. As most of the hotels and flights to London are booked months in advance, it makes sense to make travel plans and hotel bookings early.

With a great number of visitors expected for the Olympics, travellers need to be prepared for changed travel plans owing to airline delays or cancellations. In the event of cancelled travel plans, because of overcrowded flights, the traveller stands to lose valuable amount of time and money. Missed reservations and hotel bookings can severely disrupt a pre planned trip, especially in a city like London where hotels are always in high demand.

There are many concerns people face while travelling, such as lost or delayed baggage or even an unexpected illness or injury. Buying travel insurance is a great way to deal with all such travel risks and to ensure that things go smoothly. A typical travel insurance plan will cover delayed, lost or damaged baggage. Also, with more than thirty kinds of sports at the Olympics, people are planning longer stays in London to catch all the action. More often than not, longer stays mean a greater probability of travellers becoming ill or needing emergency assistance, especially in case of older travellers. An international travel insurance plan will take care of all such unforeseen situations, so that your finances are protected.

Just what is international insurance and how can it enhance your travel plans? This type of insurance is intended for travelers who will be traveling or living abroad for at least 30 days. Travelers who will be living abroad for more than one year can find and purchase the most appropriate plan for their needs.

The categories of coverage in this niche include travel insurance, which the short-term traveler should select; international travel health insurance, which is the best choice for travelers who will be traveling or living abroad for at least 30 days and up to one year; and, an international travel health insurance plan tailored for the traveler who will be living abroad for more than one year. This insurance category also holds the long-term annual health insurance plan, meant to protect the international traveler against long-term catastrophic health costs.

Before travelers pack their bags, they should sit down and figure out which form of insurance is the most appropriate for their travel plans and health needs. In the event of an unexpected illness or accident, this insurance coverage can help you avoid interrupting your plans to travel and/or live abroad. In fact, most overseas countries require that travelers show proof that they have purchased adequate insurance coverage before they grant an entry visa.

Some international insurance plans will be tiered. That is, they will offer different levels of care depending upon what the traveler decides he needs, based on his health and on his travel plans. Other plans allow travelers to include or exclude U.S. coverage, meaning they can decide if they want to pay or not when they are within U.S. borders. These plans are most usually reserved for U.S. citizens who plan to live outside the United States, or for citizens of other countries who are living in countries where they do not hold citizenship.

According to meditation expert, Sarah McLean meditation can treat stress, chronic illness, and improve one’s love life. Does this mean travelers don’t need international medical insurance or people on maintenance drugs can finally just stop taking them and start meditating? It’s hard to imagine that meditation can cover your medical expenses when you’re far from home like international travel health insurance could.

The problem with relying completely on meditation is that it hasn’t been proven. Sure studies have been made but only on small groups of less 100. In the case of a study done by the University of California, the number of persons studied was 82 female teachers. Meditation helped them be less depressed and more compassionate. But couldn’t that also be explained by the fact that they weren’t teaching and they were in fact in a social setting which is known to relieve stress?

On the other hand, getting away and thinking is good for a person. You learn to controlled breathing and how to stop thinking of problems that may be boggling your mind. It’s like watching an entertaining movie. You forget your troubles for 2 hours and focus on something else. But over and above watching movies, meditation removes the clutter and relaxes your mind. Once that happens, you feel less anxious and more focused on making the right decisions. 

Sarah McLean is a mind-body student and may have something to say about how to connect with your inner self. She has worked with big corporations but in a sense, is one dimensional. There are other ways to relieve stress and depression aside from mentally isolating yourself. These methods have been proven scientifically time and again like exercise, proper diet and rest, and being around people who love and care for you.

Coconut water is fast becoming a good alternative as a sport drink or as a refreshing juice drink. Many doctors around the world are recommending it instead of sugary sports drinks or colas because it has natural sugar content and therefore do not need additional sweetness added. Worldwide health insurance providers are probably not going to be far behind in endorsing natural products like coconut water and its derivatives since it can keep people from certain medical conditions. If one has international health insurance staying healthy will mean a management premium since the chances of getting sick is decreased somewhat.

Aside from coconut water as a natural health drink, coconut can also be used to make other products like hair conditioner, cooking oil, health supplements and even coconut sugar.

Another trending health choice for 2012 is the chia seeds which has been around for ages but only recently introduced to the Western world. These are seeds from the mint plant family and can be used in baking bread or as part of your cereal toppings, among other uses. The benefits are multiple starting with weight loss, maintaining good blood sugar levels, excellent source of rich, natural fiber and omega-3 oil, affordable, and can even delay aging through the presence of anti-oxidants.

When 2012 started, many New Year’s Resolutions were made and among the top choices were to eat more natural, less fatty foods or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By adding these two items to your daily diet, you can get started really fast in achieving your goal to live healthier. In a survey done by Mintel a month ago, 86% of those surveyed say they are now choosing fresh fruits over canned fruits and fresh vegetables over frozen or preserved veggies. They do complain of having a hard time finding anything healthy in vending machines or when on the road.  Hopefully, this will change in the near future.

It isn’t uncommon to have sleep problems when traveling but it can be more than just insomnia or excitement. According to health experts traveling without international health insurance is risky because sleep conditions are often not diagnosed and become a health risk. If you are overseas without knowing anyone in the area, it’s scary to get sick. At least with international medical insurance, you can call a number and the company can take care of the arrangements.

One of the most common sleep problems that can become a complication is sleep apnea which is loss of oxygen supply while in deep sleep.  According to the resource speakers during the recently concluded World Sleep Day last March 16, sleep problems like apnea are a global epidemic. Many of these sleep issues can be prevented and treated but it has to be diagnosed first.

The World Sleep Day took place in Nigeria and is an annual medical event where the focus is on the social responsibility of doctors and those in the medical industry to reduce the number of people who are unaware of sleep disorders.Simple situations like snoring can be caused by too much alcohol, obesity, lack of sleep, fatigue, or sleep apnea. The solutions would be to avoid alcohol before sleeping, sleeping on the right side instead of flat on your back, and observing health diet habits. Serious conditions may mean sleep position therapy, oral gadgets for the mouth, airway pressure, or surgery.

The problem of unattended sleep conditions would be irritability, diabetes, reduced libido, hampered analytical skills, and even heart failure. This is aggravated if a person sleeps alone and has no idea he or she snores. Emergencies can occur while out of the country which again emphasizes why travel health insurance is considered a necessity. It would even be advisable for a person suffers from poor sleeping habits to have a physical check-up prior to traveling.

Many foreigners travel to India because it is fast becoming the focal point for computer-related and support system businesses. However, the recent news coming from India about a 50% nurse shortage should prompt everyone going there to get international health insurance. Without international health insurance, you could end up sick and in a hospital where there is a lack of nursing staff.

The problem is not that India doesn’t have nurses but that they prefer to work elsewhere for better pay. A senior health officer, V. Ravi from Bangalore says, “There is a 40-50 percent shortage of nursing personnel due to increasing demand for nurses, nursing and allied services in the healthcare sector across the country and globally.” The system demands that in cases of critical illness, one nurse should be assigned per patient and one for every 10 non-critical patients. That need is not being met.

Marilyn Stonar who comes from California State University agrees with this assessment that the problem is global. The population of older people is much higher than before because medical science and technology have found a way to extend life. In addition, there are new diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, and accidents being reported daily.

Stonar added that in the United States about a third of the country’s nursing staff is due to retire in 2012. There are not that many Americans studying to be nurses and the jobs may be offered nurses overseas.
In Finland, the focus of the government is not to find nurses but to promote a healthier and a more cautious lifestyle. They are constantly on a media blitz to inform their citizens about preventing sickness and accidents instead of being carefree and nonchalant about how they live.

A member of the Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences located in Finland, Pia Hagquist says, ““The Finland government focuses on problem-based learning to promote importance of public health.” The university is also very aggressive in exchange programs between nursing schools to provide a better education and orientation for their nursing students.

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