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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

This is the time of the year when families and students start traveling for fun. Not many are planning overseas trips but those who have plans are also making sure they get the international health insurance. This is the kind of insurance that will cover expenses in the event of a sickness, hospitalization, treatment or even death.

It sounds morbid to be thinking of death in a time when school’s out and the fun is just about to begin. But that’s the reality of travel - facing unknown risks, strange people and cultures, different food, and extreme adventures. Why travel without being prepared?

Look at what is going on around the world. Don’t use these events to stop you from living and enjoying your life but it will be a good idea to be aware and prepared.

July 11 saw an Indian trail derailed while traveling at a speed of 108 kilometers an hour. Sixty-eight people died including 2 Swedish nationals. A light plane a day later crashed in Manitoba, Canada. Fortunately, no one died and the injured pilot was flying solo.  Two days earlier, over 100 people dies from a plane crash in Russia, and in Chicago a drunk teenager who was also on drugs stole a car and ended up in an accident that killed a 911 dispatcher.

All these happened in 3 days. They are random and unexpected. Visitors and tourists need to be ready in case something happens to cause them injury. Overseas health insurance is one of the most effective ways to make sure you get treatment and the right kind of attention - the kind of attention that saves lives.

Many Americans and Europeans dream of traveling to poorly developed countries to help people in need. However, even before confirming any travel plans, it is extremely important to get international health insurance. This kind of global health insurance will make sure international travelers get the kind of health insurance that will prevent unnecessary medical expenses and prompt medical treatment.

More so once you consider that you are facing an unknown as a foreigner in a strange country, maybe even with very little English-speaking locals.  It will also keep families feeling more assured that should anything happen, you are covered by a trusted insurance provider.

Furthermore, should travel plans not push through for any reason, your travel insurance will reimburse you for your unused tickets and other expenses.

Helping people in need is a noble cause but it can take the turn for the worst if you don’t stay healthy. Even if you have a pre-existing condition, you don’t have to toss your dreams aside. The insurance will help you in case you lose your prescriptive drugs or need to contact a medical specialist. This type of insurance will accept visitors to foreign countries who are teachers, students, international professionals and consultants, marine crew, missionaries, doctors, nurses, and expatriates.

Even if you are planning to go for a few days, you will need this type of international health insurance because all it takes is one virulent bacteria or unsafe drinking water to affect your health.

When disaster strikes, one of the expenses that could be targeted for increase is your international health insurance. The reason for this is because the rate natural calamities are happening unexpectedly has risen to a staggering figure never before seen by insurance companies. Worldwide health insurance companies are worried, and you would be to, if you were in their position.

It happened after the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. Rates went shooting up by as much as 29%. Unfortunately, many people agreed to pay the increase because the alternative to them at that time was to have no international travel health insurance. That would have been even more disastrous since the cost of medical care without insurance is staggering.

It would interest you to know though that insurance companies are more afraid of losing your business. This means you can haggle. That’s the good news!

If you do get a notice about an increase, contact your provider and ask for an explanation. If what they say sounds agreeable to you, then go ahead with the new price. However, if you shop around first, you might find a better deal. You can use it as leverage to lower the increase and stick with your original provider. Haggling can be fun as long as you are willing to compromise. Insurance companies need to stay in business and you need them, so be willing to meet in the middle.



Did you know that in the United States, over 500,000 people get stung by insects and have to visit emergency rooms for treatment? Do you also know that 50 people have died from insect stings because of allergic reaction and insufficient and prompt medical care? If you are thinking of visiting the U.S. or any other country, you would be wise to get international health insurance. International travel health insurance, which is required for international students, will give you a 99% chance of surviving an insect bite and not having to pay a lot of money for the treatment.

Aside from the global health insurance, you should also get allergy shots which are like vaccines to whatever allergy you may have to insect stings. If you have the shots, you will suffer less and have no serious allergic reaction. Consult your doctor about them especially if you also have heart problems, hypertension, asthma, history of bad insect bites, or pulmonary disease. 

You can tell if you have been bitten if you start to itch for no apparent reason. There is swelling, dizziness, chest tightness, fainting, loss of consciousness, and difficulty in breathing. With the insurance, you can go straight to a medical facility and get yourself checked. Even if it’s a simple case of doing too much on a hot day and not because of an insect bite, you will be playing it safe. And that’s always the best option instead of waiting for things to worsen before seeking medical attention.

The U.S. is known for having scrumptious food, drinks, and desserts. However, anyone traveling to the U.S. should still get international health insurance because sometimes, people slip up. With good international medical insurance you are certain of getting proper medical attention just in case something happens in the restaurant you decide to have a meal.

Just take the case of what happened in New York City just this week. The city’s health department did their rounds and inspected all restaurants. Around 800 restaurants were issued violation report because they failed to display their restaurant inspection grade. The grading system began last year, and all restaurants are given a grade of A, B, or C.  The grade depends on their food safety procedures, cleanliness, food handling, hygiene, vermin control, kitchen and dining room design and lay-out. 

What this news means is that 800 restaurants did not inform their customers of their grade. A restaurant given a C grade could mean that their food handling is not very good. If you have allergies or certain idiosyncrasies about how you want your food prepared, eating in a C grade restaurant means there is a chance that something slips through the cracks. Having the international health insurance will take care of that for you, and you won’t suffer from unexpected medical bills. Just remember next time you visit New York, look for the grade of the restaurant and forget about judging it based solely on its appearance or servers.

Now more than ever, international travelers must check the earthquake history of a place before leaving their home country. It’s not even just earthquakes, travelers should also consider other natural calamities, and get international health insurance as a safety net.  It’s like bringing Band-Aid when you travel with kids. With overseas travel, your Band-Aid solution should be international travel health insurance. Here’s why:

Just today, June 7, 2011 there were mild to moderate earthquakes in cities in Asia like Guam and the Philippines. There was also one in Chile and the Solomon Islands. The U.S. also has a history of having mild earthquakes almost on a daily basis. One day, it could be a higher intensity and you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. The travel and medical insurance could be what would save your life, or give the means to find proper medical treatment.

You can find worldwide coverage from booking the insurance over the internet. Naturally, certain precautions have to be followed. Double check the authenticity and rates of the insurance provider. Get a recent history of their financial status and customer feedback. Call them. Talk to the competition. If you can do all these, when the time comes that you need it, it will work like magic. And that’s why you have to do the homework.

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