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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

The U.S. is known for having scrumptious food, drinks, and desserts. However, anyone traveling to the U.S. should still get international health insurance because sometimes, people slip up. With good international medical insurance you are certain of getting proper medical attention just in case something happens in the restaurant you decide to have a meal.

Just take the case of what happened in New York City just this week. The city’s health department did their rounds and inspected all restaurants. Around 800 restaurants were issued violation report because they failed to display their restaurant inspection grade. The grading system began last year, and all restaurants are given a grade of A, B, or C.  The grade depends on their food safety procedures, cleanliness, food handling, hygiene, vermin control, kitchen and dining room design and lay-out. 

What this news means is that 800 restaurants did not inform their customers of their grade. A restaurant given a C grade could mean that their food handling is not very good. If you have allergies or certain idiosyncrasies about how you want your food prepared, eating in a C grade restaurant means there is a chance that something slips through the cracks. Having the international health insurance will take care of that for you, and you won’t suffer from unexpected medical bills. Just remember next time you visit New York, look for the grade of the restaurant and forget about judging it based solely on its appearance or servers.

Now more than ever, international travelers must check the earthquake history of a place before leaving their home country. It’s not even just earthquakes, travelers should also consider other natural calamities, and get international health insurance as a safety net.  It’s like bringing Band-Aid when you travel with kids. With overseas travel, your Band-Aid solution should be international travel health insurance. Here’s why:

Just today, June 7, 2011 there were mild to moderate earthquakes in cities in Asia like Guam and the Philippines. There was also one in Chile and the Solomon Islands. The U.S. also has a history of having mild earthquakes almost on a daily basis. One day, it could be a higher intensity and you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. The travel and medical insurance could be what would save your life, or give the means to find proper medical treatment.

You can find worldwide coverage from booking the insurance over the internet. Naturally, certain precautions have to be followed. Double check the authenticity and rates of the insurance provider. Get a recent history of their financial status and customer feedback. Call them. Talk to the competition. If you can do all these, when the time comes that you need it, it will work like magic. And that’s why you have to do the homework.

The Hampton is world-famous for being the weekend getaway for many US visitors and locals, especially on Memorial Weekend. If you are traveling as a visitor, and you don’t have international health insurance, you’re setting yourself up for possible trauma. Just this past weekend, a young 12-year old girl drowned from the strong current at the Hampton Beach.  Although this young girl was an American, she was not from the area. Even so, if it can happen to an American, it can also happen to a foreigner. Make sure you have international medical insurance regardless of the fact that the US has an incredible search and rescue system.

Other tragedies that happened over the weekend were freak accidents like falling off a moving SUV, and a man being hit while walking along a dark avenue.  With so many cars on the road, and partying going on, it’s likely you will come across a person who has had too much to drink. Having your worldwide health insurance will make sure any medical treatment will not be charged to you. 

Just ask any person who works in a hospital, and they will confirm that holidays are always busy times for the emergency room staff. Why tempt fate by not being prepared? The costs can be customized so you can afford it. You don’t even have to talk to an insurance agent. Check online. Don’t be tomorrow’s news in a foreign country. Get global health insurance and have some fun without this kind of stress.

It’s a given to have international health insurance if you are traveling anywhere, especially outside of your country. If you insure your automobiles and property, then surely, your life is worth the investment.

However, you can keep your monthly or weekly payment for international medical insurance low by staying healthy. Here are some tips for travelers.

One, no matter what city you are in, find time to exercise. It could be jogging, going to the hotel gym, or swimming. There are less chances of getting sick if you have a good immune system from a physically fit body. Worldwide health insurance will cover illnesses and personal accidents while you are traveling, but it does not have to be

Two, don’t forget to drink water, the bottled variety if necessary. Stay away from too much alcohol and stick to a high protein, good fats diet. Protein has immune globulins to prevent viral and bacterial infections. It also contain antibodies.

Three, don’t forget to sleep. Try to stick to a regular sleeping habit even with the change in time zones. This may be a bit difficult to accomplish but your overseas health insurance could use a little help from you if you maintain normal sleeping hours. If not, take cat naps to compensate.

Finally, consider more hot, steamy showers than warm baths. The steam will clear your mucous which could keep you from getting a cold or something even worse. And the age-old advice to wash your hands as often as possible.  With these tips, you are less likely to call in your overseas health insurance company for assistance, and more likely to enjoy your traveling days.


For most people, good education is the key to success. If you have the right background and education, you can become rich if you work hard enough.  That’s why it’s important that you choose your school or university wisely. A famous name for a university can get you into many places.

The problem that usually arises is that it’s quite hard to get in a good university at times. If there’s a famous university in your country or place, the screening procedures and tests are really tough. That is why some people resort to studying abroad. There are many schools abroad, especially in the USA, which offers quality education.

However, when you decide to study in the USA, you must not forget about getting International Student Insurance. You must consider getting a visitor health insurance in USA because the medical care costs there are very high.

An International Student Insurance can provide you with a complete coverage that your chosen university will require. This will include your visits to the doctor, medicine prescriptions, hospitalization, surgery, and more. If you have a pre-existing condition, you can also get coverage for that depending on the plan of your choice.

Missionaries also need insurance. Even more so because they have to go to places where sanitation is not according to world standards. If you want to travel overseas, anywhere at a moment’s notice, then you need missionary insurance.

As long as you are under 75 years old, the application process is pretty easy and quick. You will need to submit a detailed health history. But as a frequent traveler, this should already be in place.

US missionaries are always being called to remote areas of the world. They get exposed to all sorts of food, bugs, or rough terrain. Even the water may not be potable. These don’t matter much to missionaries, but it would help if they had missionary insurance. Protecting them will protect the mission.

The Medicare or Medicaid will not cover any illness or health problem if it happens on foreign soil. So, literally, missionaries are at the mercy of the people they serve. If you know a missionary or a family with a missionary, you could help them out. Give them the gift of health and travel insurance. This way, their families will be comforted in knowing that someone will take care of them should anything happen.

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