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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

For most people, good education is the key to success. If you have the right background and education, you can become rich if you work hard enough.  That’s why it’s important that you choose your school or university wisely. A famous name for a university can get you into many places.

The problem that usually arises is that it’s quite hard to get in a good university at times. If there’s a famous university in your country or place, the screening procedures and tests are really tough. That is why some people resort to studying abroad. There are many schools abroad, especially in the USA, which offers quality education.

However, when you decide to study in the USA, you must not forget about getting International Student Insurance. You must consider getting a visitor health insurance in USA because the medical care costs there are very high.

An International Student Insurance can provide you with a complete coverage that your chosen university will require. This will include your visits to the doctor, medicine prescriptions, hospitalization, surgery, and more. If you have a pre-existing condition, you can also get coverage for that depending on the plan of your choice.

Missionaries also need insurance. Even more so because they have to go to places where sanitation is not according to world standards. If you want to travel overseas, anywhere at a moment’s notice, then you need missionary insurance.

As long as you are under 75 years old, the application process is pretty easy and quick. You will need to submit a detailed health history. But as a frequent traveler, this should already be in place.

US missionaries are always being called to remote areas of the world. They get exposed to all sorts of food, bugs, or rough terrain. Even the water may not be potable. These don’t matter much to missionaries, but it would help if they had missionary insurance. Protecting them will protect the mission.

The Medicare or Medicaid will not cover any illness or health problem if it happens on foreign soil. So, literally, missionaries are at the mercy of the people they serve. If you know a missionary or a family with a missionary, you could help them out. Give them the gift of health and travel insurance. This way, their families will be comforted in knowing that someone will take care of them should anything happen.

This is your child moving to a foreign country to study. Should your teenager travel without international student health insurance? That would be like allowing a toddler to swim without arm inflatable. The risks are just stacked up.

You can minimize your cost by getting a one year policy. If your child is planning to study in the US, there is a prerequisite for international student health insurance. Some schools offer their own plans, although generally they are more expensive. Shopping elsewhere will guarantee a better deal. You may pay the same amount, but you get more benefits.

Even without this requirement by US universities, wouldn’t you want your child to be insured while away from you? If you live halfway across the world, it will take time before you can get to your child. What if there is some kind of natural calamity in your country and you can’t travel? With the student health insurance, all you have to do is call in the accident or medical emergency. The insurance company can help your child until you get there. 

In many medical emergency cases, time is important. Getting immediate medical attention will prevent the situation from getting worst. This is what the health insurance is for.

The “what if’s” and “why not” on international health insurance is always a plaguing issue. Times when the economy is weak, we prefer to hold on to our dollars, and wait for better days. The problem is, because the economy is weak, some businesses cut corners. Are you willing to risk your life, or that of a member of your family on the assumption that nothing bad will happen?

Regardless about the additional expense of travel insurance, the question that needs to be answered is not whether to book it or not. Rather, the issue is if traveling without international health insurance is going to be worth the stress and worry? Do you really want to be crossing borders and seas without this kind of protection? Just think about the amount of security you have to endure before boarding a plane or ship. Think about how strict all security personnel are on both ends of your trip. Traveling is no longer as much fun, because every turn you make, there’s something heavy hanging in the air.

Be smart and don’t add more than you can handle in terms of pressure and stress. Relax and enjoy your trip. Once you sign up for your international health insurance, you will feel more calm and at ease.  Someone will be there to take care of you should anything happen, and family is far away.

The NBA playoffs are about to start and it will be soon followed by the grandest series of every NBA season: the NBA finals. Whether your favorite team makes it to the finals or not, it is always fun to watch the finals series because it is where the best of the best, the last two teams standing, face off. Seeing those games through a TV or computer screen is one thing, but watching those games live is a whole different story because you can really feel the crowd’s excitement and support for their teams.

Some hard-core international NBA fans even go as far as traveling to the United States just to watch those impressive games. It is really something which everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

If you are traveling to the U.S., however, whether to watch the NBA or for other reasons, it is important to make sure that your health and safety is ensured while you are there. And it’s always good to be sure, which is why travelers usually avail of international travel insurance plans before actually traveling. With an international travel insurance at hand, you wouldn’t need to worry about additional taxes added on your medical bill. Most importantly, with an international medical insurance, health care is always ensured, so it’s really beneficial.

Traveling internationally may require a lot of preparation, but several tourists don’t mind the stress and anxiety brought because of the pleasures of traveling to a foreign land. One preparation that is essential to any international traveler is the purchasing of an international travel health insurance.

Unlike the regular health insurance, a travel health insurance offers only short-term coverage lasting for the whole duration of the trip. This type of insurance, however, is essential in traveling to countries such as the United States and Canada where the medical expenses are sky-rocketing. In some hospitals, doctors are not even allowed to perform any medical procedure if international patients cannot present their international health insurance. In general, having a travel health insurance would make medical transactions cheaper, faster, and less complicated for international travelers.

Despite these benefits, however, acquisition of an international travel health insurance before or during a trip is often overlooked by travelers. Indeed, a traveler health insurance is not required to gain access to other countries, but it is still very important to have one especially in times of emergencies.

We must all respect the policies and regulations of the country we are traveling to, so to avoid complications regarding the health care system, it is advisable to secure an international travel health insurance. In the end, it will spare you from more stress and anxiety.

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