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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

The life on an international businessperson is a complicated one. Not only are there the challenges of knowing different cultures, languages, and customs in order to successfully manage business affairs in a variety of locales, there are also many logistical challenges. Long term international health insurance can help address some of those challenges.

Health insurance policies vary greatly from country to country, and plans provided by your employer in your native country likely will not be accepted in others. And as an international business professional, you will often be traveling to many different countries throughout the year. So how can you make sure that you have financial protection in the event of illness or injury?

The answer lies in long term international health insurance, which offers coverage in all countries including your country of citizenship. This means that not only will you be covered when visiting other countries for business, but you will also be covered on return visits to your native country. That adds an extra layer of value to these policies.

Without this type of insurance, you could find yourself faced with anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical expenses, depending on the severity of your medical issue. But with these plans, the costs of doctor's visits, surgery, hospitalizations, prescriptions, maternity care, and even preventative care are absorbed. You'll be left with only a fraction of the total charges, giving you peace of mind during all your travels.
ProtectionWhen you plan a vacation abroad, what do you think about? Sightseeing? Maybe visiting the beach? Perhaps attending a special event, or catching up with family. You are probably not thinking about getting injured. But injuries are a very real possibility, and because of that you should always travel with international medical insurance.

Slipping, falling, sports mishaps, auto accidents – there is an unending variety of very pedestrian ways that injuries can occur while on vacation Injuries can occur when and where you least expect, and they can cause real financial problems when they do.

You see, even if you have an insurance policy in your native country, it likely does not cover events that occur abroad. So spraining an ankle while on vacation could result in a simple doctor's visit with a very expensive tab. An unanticipated accident could suddenly add a few hundred dollars to your vacation budget.

International medical insurance will absorb the bulk of fees associated with doctor's visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, and a number of other medical costs. Coverage applies from country-to-country, so you do not have to worry about it not being accepted. And the overall plan costs are low, so if you do not need to use it you do not need to worry that you've invested a large sum of money.
International health insurance is an excellent investment for anyone living or traveling overseas. But with any type of product or service, no one wants to pay more than they have to for it. How can you make sure you get the best possible deal on it? Here are some helpful tips.

First off, determine exactly what kind of coverage you need. Do you need a plan that will cover you for a long period of time or just a few weeks? Do you need coverage only for yourself or for your family too? Do you need a plan that covers you during basic health emergencies only, or one with more robust options like evacuations, trip cancellation, or coverage from accidents incurred during participation in sports? These are just a few of the options available for customizing your plan, and knowing which ones you really need will help you get the best overall value.

Next, there are some financial factors regarding the plan to consider. For instance, how much total coverage do you need? The more coverage you buy, the more it will cost. So if you’re looking for a way to save money, getting a lower amount of coverage can help. But be careful not to get an inadequate amount of coverage just to save a few dollars upfront. That could hurt you financially long-term. Also, consider how high of a deductible you’re comfortable with. The higher deductible you elect, the lower your premium will be.

Finally, do some thorough comparison shopping for your international health insurance plan. By getting quotes from multiple providers, you can compare and contrast to find the best total value. Try to make sure they are all quoting comparable policies so that you are making an accurate comparison. You can obtain quotes over the phone from individual agents or online from companies that specialize in this type of insurance. This is an important purchase that can save you a lot of money, so be sure to follow these steps to maximize those savings.
The holiday break gives college students a chance to unwind from a strenuous semester of studying. For some, that means heading home to visit family. For others, that may mean an exciting vacation or even volunteer work overseas. If your holiday break plans involve overseas travel, be sure you are protected with international student health insurance.

While traveling internationally is certainly an exciting and enriching way to spend a vacation, there are many health risks associated with it as well. Fatigue from a long international flight can leave you more susceptible to illness, and your chances of illness will be increased with factors like new environments to get adjusted to.

The insurance plan you rely on in your home country will probably not cover you while overseas, so unless you already have an international student health insurance plan (which you might if you are in a study abroad program), you should certainly look into purchasing one. Otherwise, the bill for even the simplest doctor's visit may cost you hundreds of dollars.

This type of insurance covers students who are studying internationally or visiting another country during a break. It helps cover the cost of hospitalization, doctor’s visits, and prescription, amongst other things. That way, if you do have to visit the hospital during your vacation, you will not be stuck with a medical bill costing thousands of dollars. If you are watching your budget, and what student isn’t – this makes for a wise investment.
The month of October brings about Oktoberfest celebrations in many areas. For those truly wanting an authentic Bavarian cultural experience, there is no better solution than to travel to Germany itself. If such a trip is on your agenda, be sure you purchase international travel insurance before leaving.

Any veteran international traveler will tell you that there are many unplanned problems that can arise during your trip. From medical issues to lost baggage to flight delays, even a well-thought-out vacation or business trip can end in disaster.

International travel insurance offers protection against many of these unforeseen problems. For example, if your luggage gets lost by the airline, your insurance policy will help cover the costs of purchasing the items you’ve lost. Or if your trip gets delayed or cancelled, or you need to cancel it yourself, you can add a trip cancellation policy to your plan to preserve the money you may have lost. Even a simple flight delay could cost you thousands of dollars if you miss a connecting flight, thanks to the cost of lost hotel reservations and booking a new flight.

Another area where this type of coverage really proves its value is in terms of your health. If you become sick or injured while traveling, this type of insurance covers doctor’s visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, and much more. Your normal insurance plan likely does not cover these needs when they occur in another country, so it is important to have an alternative solution, which is exactly what this insurance offers. While you can never plan to avoid every problem that could occur during travel, you can increase your protection against them.
You may have recently heard that in France, the government has issued a travel warning regarding the United Kingdom. Due to terror threats to the country, France is cautioning citizens who planned to travel there, leaving the travel plans of many citizens in jeopardy. Because you can never predict when such a warning might come, it is a good idea to always prepare for every trip with trip cancellation insurance.

While the government warnings do not prohibit citizens form traveling, it will certainly discourage a number of them from doing so, simply because of personal safety concerns. For many people, when the option is playing it conservative and safe or taking a risk, safety is the best choice.

What would you do in this situation? Would you cancel your trip and accommodations on short notice? If so, it is important that you have already purchased trip cancellation insurance, otherwise you will lose much if not all of your travel arrangements, including flight, hotel rooms, entertainment, and anything else you may have planned in advance.

However, in most instances if you were to cancel on short notice, you will lose all or early all of the money you have spent booking it. You’d lose the thousands of dollars invested in your trip, with nothing at all to show for it, just because you chose to take the safe route of traveling during a warning period. This is why trip cancellation policies exist: to give people a chance to protect the thousands of dollars they spend on travel when unforeseen events arise..

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