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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

So you have recently gotten the great news that your company wants you to relocate overseas for the next year to head up their new international division. This is a great opportunity to earn more money and advance your career. There is just one question - how can you make sure you have proper health care coverage in place in your new home?

Long term international health insurance provides the answer you are looking for. It is designed for people exactly like you; people who need a solid health insurance plan for a significant period of time in an area where their normal policy does not offer coverage.

With a long term international health insurance policy, you can assure yourself of high quality coverage at an affordable rate. Plans are accepted at countries all around the world, and they often even include coverage when you make brief returns to your home country.

It is recommended to shop online for this type of coverage. By doing so, you can compare and contrast different policies to find the one that best suits your needs, You can review features and benefits to make certain you are getting the best possible deal on this important investment.
As more people embrace the opportunity to contribute to the world by performing missionary work, it is increasingly important to make sure you know what preparations are necessary prior to embarking on such a journey. One item you may not think of but you absolutely should have is missionary insurance.

Missionary insurance will offer you affordable medical care while you are working overseas. While you may have an insurance policy already that you use to obtain health care in your native country, that plan may not cover you while you are on your mission. Most plans only cover incidents that occur in the nation in which they were issued.

Since missionary work often occurs in what could be described as high-risk areas, it is especially important to make sure you have adequate medical coverage. You never know when any of a number of potential health problems, ranging from physical injury to food poisoning, may strike during your mission.

Without this type of insurance, you may not be able to afford the care that you need to obtain. Or even if you can afford it, the cost may put a bigger dent in your finances than you would like. Either way, there is simply no reason to take any health risks when this affordable, convenient option exists.
In many travelers' minds, air travel is a very safe mode of transportation. Sure, accidents do occur occasionally, and flights will periodically be delayed for mechanical work, but in general most people seem to feel safe while flying, and as a result many who should consider flight insurance do not. A recent fine levied against a major air carrier may have you rethinking your stance on this issue.

According to a recent article published on CNN.com, American Airlines was hit with a fine of over $24 million by the FAA. This fine represents the largest ever levied by the FAA, and it was recommended because it alleged that American operated thousands of unsafe flights. The specific issue referenced by the FAA concerned wiring in the plane's wheels which could lead to fires or power loss.

This type of news may make you reconsider just how safe any given flight you take really is. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to consider purchasing flight insurance, as you simply never know what might happen when you walk onto a plane for a trip of any distance.

Flight insurance offers an affordable way to make sure that you will receive the medical care you need. Everything from minor injuries to death and dismemberment are covered, leaving you with valuable peace of mind on domestic and international trips.
International health insurance is not just for visitors to volatile countries, or for people partaking in dangerous activities while visiting abroad. The truth is, injuries, accidents, and illness can strike at any time, necessitating hospitalization. Visitors to a hotel in Las Vegas found this out the hard way.

Last week, a chemical leak affected patrons of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Over 100 people visiting the hotel's pool claimed to be made sick from the leak, with 12 making trips to the hospital. These visitors were suddenly faced with a problem, and an expense, they could never have anticipated.

You see, something as seemingly harmless as lounging by the pool can accidentally wind up sending you to a hospital. Of course the lesson learned is not to avoid hotel pools, but instead to be prepared with a good international health insurance plan. The group health insurance plan provided by your employer likely only covers domestic incidents, so if something like this were happen to you while you were vacationing abroad, you would definitely appreciate the ability to count on an international insurance policy.

This type of insurance will keep the costs of hospitalization and subsequent treatment at an affordable rate. Without this coverage, you could be faced with anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical bills; all because you stopped by the pool for a few hours! As you can see, illness and injury during vacations abroad are more unpredictable than you'd ever thought, which makes having the right insurance a very smart move.
In the last week, a major airline announced that it would be adding yet another fee to specific seats on its planes. This represents just the latest additional fee that travelers have been faced with in the last few years. In a time when travelers continuously fall victim to the airlines' need to find new revenue sources, it is good to know that you can still save money with international health insurance.

American Airlines just announced fees on coach class seats. A few specific rows will now have a surcharge and be considered to be a tier of premium seating, despite the fact they are not first class. This could be a very frustrating development for international travelers, who have seen fees added for items that were once free like checking bags, and who have seen ticket prices rise steadily in the past few years. Airlines are struggling with surging fuel costs and unfortunately the result of that struggle is this myriad of new fees.

While travel itself is not getting any cheaper for consumers, international health insurance does offer international travelers a way to save money. If you need to visit the doctor or a hospital during a trip, this coverage will save you hundreds or perhaps even thousands of dollars on your treatment. Without a plan like this, you will be considered uninsured, meaning you will need to pay full price for any care you receive.

That can get extremely expensive. But for a low upfront investment, you can protect yourself against the high cost of healthcare in foreign countries. It is good to know that when planning your next round of international travel, there is still one way to protect your financial interests.
Traditionally, most citizens get their health insurance plans through their employers. The reason for this is simple: employers can get lower rates for their employees by brokering deals with insurance providers to send large numbers of customers their way. You probably knew that already, but did you know you can use the same ability to "buy in bulk" for international health insurance as well?

There is a product called group international health insurance that offers you that very opportunity. Many employers who send large groups of employees overseas choose this type of insurance to protect the health of their employees while also protecting their financial bottom lines. This way, employees can avoid the high cost of buying insurance individually and still get the benefit of having protection for emergency hospitalization, surgery, prescriptions, and more.

Large employers are not the only ones who can benefit from group international health insurance. Oftentimes you will see churches and other nonprofit organizations sending large groups of volunteers to foreign countries to help with relief efforts after natural disasters. These groups can also purchase this coverage for their volunteers.

Whether you are a member of a large group preparing to travel overseas or you are a human resources representative looking for the best way to maintain the health of your employees and the health of your company's finances, this is definitely an insurance option worth exploring. You can find out more information online or by contacting your domestic health plan provider.

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