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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

We have all experienced turbulence on flights. Typically, the worst you might expect from it is a queasy stomach. But for passengers on a recent flight, turbluence turned so severe it resulted in injuries, reminding us all of the importance of international flight insurance.

The flight in question occurred last week in the United States. The cross-country flight left Washington D.C. and was en route to Los Angeles, when it experienced severe turbulence while flying over Missouri. 21 people were injured on that flight, and according to a recent USA Today article, 88% of injuries on flights last year were caused by turbulence.

So do not be so naive as to think that because the odds of a plane crash are low, you do not need an international flight insurance plan. The truth is, airline injuries are more common than you may realize,, and something as simple as turbulence can cause them.

Your flight insurance policy will help minimize the cost of any medical fees you incur while injured during a flight. This can be the difference between spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in healthcare bills or spending a mere fraction of that. Do not take a chance the next time you take off; make sure you are covered across the friendly - and unfriendly - skies.
Recently, a security breach caused a shutdown at the Providence Rhode Island airport. The breach occurred when a passenger made it past security without being checked out, and the incident goes to show that delays can occur even at the smallest airports.With that in mind, how can you avoid, or recover from, time-consuming delays at the airport? International travel insurance offers the best solution to this problem.

Even a short delay on an international flight can cause you to miss a connection, costing you time and money. Whether the delay is your fault or someone else's, airlines will often not lend you any sympathy, and more often than not the cost of rebooking is going to come out of your pocket.This is where trip cancellation insurance and travel assistance features come in handy.

Trip cancellation options are offered for an additional fee with most international travel insurance policies. They way these work is simple; if for some reason you miss a flight, connection, etc., the policy will cover the cost associated with the flight itself as well as hotel accommodations, event ticketing, and other expenses.This can save you quite a bit of money when it comes to buying new tickets because of a missed connection.

Travel assistance features will help make it easier to find and book new flights, communicate with your hotel, and generally make international travel simpler. These concierge desks can help you look up travel information and speak with representatives who speak languages you are unfamiliar with. It can make the task of making the best of a difficult travel situation much easier.
On many international vacations, trying to learn the language on the fly can be a fun and exciting experience. Many locals find it charming when a tourist attempts to speak in their language, and you as a traveler feel more like a real part of the area when doing so. But when a problem arises and you need help, not being fluent in a language can be a real problem. That is when international travel insurance plans with travel assistance features become incredibly valuable.

Imagine trying to re-book a canceled or delayed flight with little to no grasp of the language of the country you are in. Or think about how hard it could be to track down bags in a country where you were unfamiliar with the language. And remember, even if you are well-versed in the language of the destination country you are headed to, there is always a possibility that you could be connecting in a country you are not familiar with.

But with the concierge services offered by many international travel insurance providers, you can speak with multilingual service reps who can help work with airline personnel and anyone else you may need to resolve a conflict with. These reps can communicate seamlessly in your language and that of the customer service agents you are trying to work with at the airport.

This way, you have help on your side in what can otherwise be a frustrating and difficult time. These services can be purchased at an additional fee, and some providers may even offer them to you free of charge as a perk of your coverage. Be sure you inquire about these types of helpful services before you purchase any policy.
The Tour de France serves as the cycling community's marquee event, drawing spectators from around the world. As with any international event, it is important yo protect yourself with international medical insurance before departing.

Being around lots of new people from diverse locations can expose you to a lot of germs, illnesses, and viruses that could leave you sick. Even simply standing by an ill spectator could infect you with an airborne virus, ruining your trip and potentially leading to a trip to the doctor.

Additionally, physical injury is always a possibility. You may find yourself inspired to do some cycling too, which always leaves the chance of falls and accidents. And auto accidents are frequently a cause of tourist injury.

The insurance policy you use in your native country will likely not cover incidents occurring abroad, so any doctor or hospital visits will need to be paid for out of your own pocket. That can be extremely expensive. But an international medical insurance policy will absorb the majority of those costs, keeping your finances secure at all times. The difference between having and not having an international medical insurance policy can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Rising temperatures present a whole new set of potential health risks for vacationers. So if you are planning a vacation abroad which includes spending a lot of time outdoors, be sure you buy international health insurance before leaving.

High temperatures can put a stain on the human body. Heat can lead to exhaustion, dehydration, passing out, and many other problems. These are serious problems that can lead to hospitalization, and they can arise much more easily than you might guess.

You do not have to be engaged in strenuous activity for the heat to take a toll on you. Simply walking around for hours or spending too much time in direct sunlight on the beach can harm you. While you should take certain precautions like using an umbrella, hats, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun, and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, your best form of protection is international health insurance.

Exhaustion and dehydration can lead to short hospital stays. Even an overnight stay and a few rounds of IV fluids to get you moving once again can be extremely expensive for uninsured travelers. Therefore, you will need insurance to reduce the costs of heat-related medical treatment. When you vacation in a hot climate, protect yourself from direct sun and heat exposure whenever possible, but also look into international medical insurance for total protection,
International health insurance makes for a wise investment for anyone traveling or living overseas. However, to make sure you get the maximum value from your plan, it is important that you carefully read its details.

While these types of insurance policies may be much more flexible than the coverage options you are familiar with in your domestic experience, they are not without limitations and exclusions. You need to be aware of what these are so you do not expect to have a procedure covered only to find out it is not.

For example preexisting conditions will not be covered by most policies. Neither will many types of preventative care. This could include anything from prescriptions to exams, so you will want to make sure you understand what is and what is not covered, because something that you consider a regular part of your wellness schedule may not be applicable.

Generally, anything considered not absolutely necessary will lead to a rejected claim. This could include vision exams, birth control pills, and cosmetic procedures to name a few. But do not just assume that something is not covered. Not every policy has the same coverage rules, so you may find something that will insure the issue you need help with. Or you may find a company that offers some sort of supplemental plan. But unless you read your international medical insurance plan and consult with your insurance rep, you will never know.

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