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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

Q: Is there travel insurance for frequent flyer program miles?

A: No, there is no company in the travel insurance industry that will insure loss of frequent flyer miles or points. Travel Insured will reimburse the penalty fee to return tickets back into the point program. In trip cancellation, reward miles are not insured neither do the plans for travel insurance protect reward miles.

Q: Should I include frequent flyer miles “cost” of the airline ticket ?

A: Generally the insurance companies will not insure tickets bought with miles or reward points because no money has been paid. As the insurance companies do not insure frequent flyer miles ticket, you should insure yourself for adequate trip interruption coverage. Make sure that you have purchased enough trip interruption for insurance coverage for an air ticket. This can cover the cost of an economy ticket home plus the cost of any unused, non-refundable land arrangements that you might lose if you have to interrupt your trip.

Q: Can citizens of countries other than the U.S. purchase travel insurance?

A: Yes. Non US citizens can buy travel insurance for their various trips outside their country of citizenship or home country.Various foreigners travel insurance plans can be reviewed and bought online. Foreigners buy travel insurance while travelling outside their country of citizenship or home country for pleasure, business, to study or to immigrate. Non US citizens buy travel insurance while applying for visas while visiting Schengen countries.

Q: How are the international insurance companies rated?

A: The international insurance companies are rated by an independent rating company A.M.Best rating. International insurance plans have the insurance company's A.M. Best rating displayed in plan brochures.

Q: What is the minimum duration for which insurance can be purchased?

A: The minimum duration of the insurance policy varies for different insurance plans. International insurance plan durations can be bought as little as 5 days depending on the type of policy selected. The minimum number of days for the international insurance policy duration will have to be met. The minimum insurance coverage period can vary anywhere from 5 days to 1 month.

Q: Can the insurance plan be purchased as a monthly insurance policy or can a plan span 2 calendar months?

A: Insurance policy months are calculated as 30 continuous days from the start date requested and can include two partial calendar months. The premium is calculated to include the insurance policy months and insurance policy days.

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