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  • Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Q: What is the minimum duration for which insurance can be purchased?

A: The minimum duration of the insurance policy varies for different insurance plans. International insurance plan durations can be bought as little as 5 days depending on the type of policy selected. The minimum number of days for the international insurance policy duration will have to be met. The minimum insurance coverage period can vary anywhere from 5 days to 1 month.

Q: Can the insurance plan be purchased as a monthly insurance policy or can a plan span 2 calendar months?

A: Insurance policy months are calculated as 30 continuous days from the start date requested and can include two partial calendar months. The premium is calculated to include the insurance policy months and insurance policy days.

Q: Can I insure part of the stay of my parents visit in the US?

A: Yes you can purchase insurance for a partial duration. However the purpose of purchasing insurance is in the event of unanticipated international medical emergencies. When travelling one should think about international insurance for emergencies. Having purchased insurance for part of their stay will not help in the event of an international emergency during the uninsured period.

Q: How to buy insurance? When does the insurance take effect?

A: You can buy international insurance by completing the appropriate online application form and submitting it along with payment details. You will receive an email acknowledgement immediately and your insurance coverage takes effect from the start date as indicated on the form. The start date can be as early as the next day after you submit the form. Depending on your choice on the application form, within a weeks time you can receive a package from the insurance company, which will include a hard copy of the insurance card along with details regarding the insurance plan.

Q: What is the proof of my insurance purchase?

A: Within minutes of your online purchase you will receive a confirmatory email with details of the insurance. You will receive your Certificate number as proof of purchasing insurance. Based on your preference selected in the applictaion, the insurance plan details can be emailed to your email address on file or mailed to the mailing address on file. The ID Card will have your name, policy number, group number, coverage dates as well as insurance company's contact information such as the toll-free telephone number and the address where claims should be submitted.
You can also download the Confirmation of Coverage letter as your insurance policy proof after you have made your insurance purchase.

Q: If I take blood pressure medication on a regular basis would that be considered a pre existing condition?

A: Taking any medication on a regular basis including going to the doctor to regulate a chronic condition would classify the condition as a pre existing condition.

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