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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

Q: By when should I purchase international travel insurance for my upcoming trip?

A: Most international travel insurance plans offer coverage from the day after you purchase the plan. It is always preferable to purchase international travel insurance before the start of your trip for the best coverage. The best time to buy international travel insurance is once your travel dates are finalized.

Q: Can I purchase a trip cancellation plan on my own without going through my travel agent?

A: You can purchase a trip cancellation plan by yourself. You do not have to go through your travel agent.

Q: What are the expected out of pocket expenses for different insurance policies?

A: This depends on the particular insurance plan you have. All plans require you to pay the deductible amount before the insurance pays for any expenses. You can select any deductible amount you are comfortable while purchasing the insurance plan. Once the deductible is reached the benefits are paid acording to the schedule of benefits. If your plan requires you to pay a portion of expenses in the form of a co insurance, you will be responsible for those payments till you reach the maximum out of pocket costs set by the plan.

Q: How do I get information about the network my International Insurance plan follows? Can I receive help to locate hospitals in the insurance network?

A: Toll free numbers provided in the insurance card can eb used to get referrals to physicians. The insurance company website also provides this information where you can search for doctors and hospitals in the area.

Q: Do the international insurance plans have a provider network of doctors and hospitals? Or can we choose to visit any doctors and hospitals?

A: This depends on the plan you have selected. Some international insurance plans have provider networks and require you to visit doctors within thet network to minimize your out of pocket costs. There are some other plans that do not follow any network and you are free to choose any physician without any penalties. Make sure if your plan has a network or not before you use the the coverage.

Q: Is a Social Security number needed to purchase international travel insurance? What kind of ID can be used instead?

A: Social Security number is not needed to purchase short term international travel insurance. Passport number can be used as an ID to complete the purchase.

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