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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

Q: i would like to ask if dental insurance is covered in the international insurance

A: Many of the international insurance plans have the additional option of dental insurance. After you get a quote you will see the option of adding dental insurance on some of the plans. Please call us at 877 593 5403 to learn more

Q: I am a international doctoral student in Louisiana Tech university. I plan to bring my wife and my new born daughter to US in 2009. May I buy the International Travel Insurance for me, my wife and daughter? Or must I buy the student insurance?

By the way, why is there a big difference in anual charges for the International Travel Insurance compared with the Student Insurance? Does that mean The International Travel Insurance offer less benefit that does the Student Insurance? Thanks very much!

A: Thank you for contacting us. You can purchase either international student insurance or international travel insurance. You can purchase any of our international insurance plans at http://www.zinternationalinsurance.com/
Student insurance plans are tailored for students and meet university requirements.

Q: Is direct billing possible with international medical insurance? Should I pay expenses and claim reimbursement?

A: Most international medical insurance plans follow a PPO network. If you visit one such provider, the doctor's office can call the insurance administrators and verify the benefits. In such cases the providers can directly bill international insurance plan administrators. In some cases, if the doctors are not familiar with the procedures they could make you make the payment. You can then submit a claim form to get reimbursement.

Q: Will I receive a refund for my international medical insurance plan if I need to cancel the plan?

A: Most international medical insurance plans offer refunds if a written request is received prior to start of the plan. Most other plans offer pro rated refunds with a cancellation fee if cancellation requests are received after the start of the plan. There are additional requirements that no claims must be received in order to receive refunds. Always check the plan details before you purchase the plan to understand the cancellation policy. You could also purchase a renewable plan for a short duration and renew the plan till the date you need coverage.

Q: Can I purchase international medical insurance for my parents before they reach?

A: Yes, you can purchase international medical insurance for your parents before they reach. You can complete the purchase on their behalf. You will need some information including their passport number and home country address before you can complete the purchase.

Q: When should I purchase my international travel insurance plan?

A: Always purchase your international travel insurance plan only after your dates of travel are confirmed. Once you have purchased your tickets, you can purchase your plan to start on the day of your departure from your home country.

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