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  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Q: Do the international insurance plans have a provider network of doctors and hospitals? Or can we choose to visit any doctors and hospitals?

A: This depends on the plan you have selected. Some international insurance plans have provider networks and require you to visit doctors within thet network to minimize your out of pocket costs. There are some other plans that do not follow any network and you are free to choose any physician without any penalties. Make sure if your plan has a network or not before you use the the coverage.

Q: Is a Social Security number needed to purchase international travel insurance? What kind of ID can be used instead?

A: Social Security number is not needed to purchase short term international travel insurance. Passport number can be used as an ID to complete the purchase.

Q: If my military leave is denied and I cannot go on my trip, will the trip cancellation plan cover me?

A: Most plans do not cover trip cancellations if your leave is denied due to a war. Some plans offer coverage for a trip cancelled due to work related reasons and some offer coverage for cancellations due to any reason. Always check the exclusionsto make sure cancelled military leave is not excluded.

Q: Will the trip cancellation policy cover me if my trip gets cancelled because of terrorist activity?

A: While many of our plans offer trip cancellation coverage for terrorist activities, there are some that may exclude coverage. It is important to check all the covered reasons and exclusions for cancellations before you purchase a plan and make sure insurance coverage is included for cancellations due to terrorist activity.

Q: I made a mistake while buying insurance, how can I make a correction to my international insurance application?

A: All corrections and modification requests to an international health insurance plan must be made in writing. Email the corrections you want to make to your international health insurance applications to us at www.zinternationalinsurance.com/contact/. You can call us at 877 593 5403 for any assistance.

Q: Can I cancel an international travel insurance I purchased? Is there a penalty for cancellation?

A: Most international travel insurance plans can be cancelled for a full refund prior to start of coverage. Some plans offer a 2 week review period during which you can cancel coverage and receive a refund. In some cases a pro rated refund may be available after coverage has begun. Please check the cancellation policy of the specific international travel insurance plan for details of any penalties.

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