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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

Q: I made a mistake while buying insurance, how can I make a correction to my international insurance application?

A: All corrections and modification requests to an international health insurance plan must be made in writing. Email the corrections you want to make to your international health insurance applications to us at www.zinternationalinsurance.com/contact/. You can call us at 877 593 5403 for any assistance.

Q: Can I cancel an international travel insurance I purchased? Is there a penalty for cancellation?

A: Most international travel insurance plans can be cancelled for a full refund prior to start of coverage. Some plans offer a 2 week review period during which you can cancel coverage and receive a refund. In some cases a pro rated refund may be available after coverage has begun. Please check the cancellation policy of the specific international travel insurance plan for details of any penalties.

Q: Can citizens of countries other than the U.S. purchase travel insurance?

A: Yes. Travel insurance is available to non-U.S. citizens whether or not they reside in the United States.

Q: What is the difference between the scheduled benefits plan and a comprehensive plan?

A: Fixed Benefits Plan (Scheduled Benefits Plan)

These policies are characterized by various benefit limits for each type of covered medical expense. These benefit limits typically are not the same as the policy maximum.

For example, a policy with a $50,000 maximum limit may feature upto a maximum of $2000 for surgery, upto a maximum of $500 for diagnostic services (X-rays, scans) etc. The maximum amounts for different situations are detailed in the policy brochure.

Typically you are required to pay an initial deductible for each injury or sickness and then the plan pays for the rest of the covered expenses.

Scheduled Benefits Plans have the lowest premiums, but the consumer must be aware that the benefits offered are relatively limited as compared to the Comprehensive Coverage Plans.

Examples of Scheduled Coverage Plans include 'Inbound USA' offered by Specialty Risk International and 'Visitors Care' administered by International Medical Group.

Comprehensive Coverage Plan

These policies typically do not have benefit limits based on the type of medical expense. Usually benefits for covered medical expenses go all the way upto the policy maximum (less deductible and co-insurance).

Typically for all covered medical expenses during the policy period the insured pays the deductible plus 20% of the first $5,000; and then the plan pays 100% of the eligible medical expenses upto the policy maximun.

The details for each policy such as the policy maximum, medical expense eligibility etc. are listed in the policy brochure.

Comprehensive Coverage Plans have relatively higher premiums, but in turn offer better benefits than the Scheduled Benefits Plans.

Examples of Comprehensive coverage plans include 'Diplomat America', 'Atlas America', 'Liaison International' and 'Patriot America'.

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