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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

Are you one of those who just have to travel to stay alive? Do you believe that sitting in any one place for long will grow roots all around you? Do you just love to be air- or sea-borne at all times? Is business travel across borders an unavoidable part of your work? Well... Here is something for you.

As anyone who travels very frequently would know, every country has it's own share of differences in terms of weather, food, water, etc. which pose a unique set of challenges to one's health. But, obviously that can't be reason enough to stop travelling, isn't it? A mosquito bite here or a seasonal flu there can't stop a traveler.

But, health care expenditure can upset the budgets of the best planned trips. Domestic health insurance is often deficient in taking care of health care in other countries. Your typical traveler's insurance is not really designed for travelers crossing multiple borders on a regular basis. Nor, is it really well-suited for long term travel plans. Unplanned or emergency travel carries the risk of forgetting travel insurance.

In such a time, one needs the added protection of a policy that is long term, covers health care in all the countries that your travels may take you and is comprehensive. After all a mind filled with health care worries is a baggage that is best left behind during travels.

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