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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Continued Volcanic Ash-Related Delays Make Travel Insurance a Necessity

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The volcano in Iceland which has wreaked havoc on global travel schedules has once again reared its ugly head, leaving travelers stranded this weekend. If you are planning to travel into or out of Europe in the near future, make certain you secure your investment with international travel insurance.

After its initial devastating impact on airline schedules a few weeks back, the volcano has again delayed flights on multiple occasions due to ash spewing towards the sky. The latest incident occurred over the weekend, particularly impacting flights out of Ireland. Many travelers were caught off guard by this relapse, and were therefore unprepared to make alternate arrangements.

Despite initial thoughts that after the first round of delays travel schedules could resume normally, there is no way to predict how many more times travelers will be inconvenienced by this natural disaster. So if you are planning a trip to or from Europe, keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

International travel insurance will come in handy in these situations, helping you recoup lost expenses, locating luggage that gets lost due to re-routing of airline schedules, and offering concierge services to find alternative travel plans. For a small investment, you can gain a large measure of protection and confidence knowing that while this problem may continue to arise, you have taken the appropriate measures to minimize the amount of pain you feel directly.

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