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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Cruise Accident Underscores Value of International Health Insurance

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A Carnival cruise ship recently had an accident at sea, leaving over 60 passengers with injuries. Thankfully these injuries were considered minor, and while this sort of incident is quite rare, it is still a serious one. Getting high-quality affordable medical treatment in this scenario can be difficult without international medical insurance.

Imagine that you were on this ship. How would you get medical care if your current plan didn't cover you? Would your medical plan offer the coverage you need or would you need a supplemental plan?

It's actually quite common that health insurance plans don't cover travelers at sea and in foreign countries. So if an accident does occur, you'll be considered uninsured. And that can become a very expensive problem very quickly once you start paying full price for medical care, prescriptions, etc.

International health insurance offers you high quality care at affordable rates. It closes the gaps your current insurance plan has, making sure you that whether on land or at sea, you are properly protected.

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