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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Destination Australia

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With the recent backlash from Indian student community in Australia, let’s find out what it is to be an expat in Australia. The student’s internet site says, “Australia is very safe, with a low crime rate, political stability and a harmonious society. The incidence of robbery and assault is relatively low and Australia has strict anti-gun and drug laws. Australia is an open society, based on equality for all people. The Australian Government is democratically elected and is not ruled by the military nor based on religion. Australia is part of the British Commonwealth.”

On the other hand, other than these recent wild incidents, Melbourne, Australia, has twice been voted The World’s Most Livable City. For those who live there, this is a good description of a town that blends European style with Australian easy-going charm. Expatriates experiencing Melbourne for the first time, however, may initially question just how “livable” it is. Without insider knowledge, it is easy to miss the delights that are available in a city that is characterized by hidden treasures in its lanes.

An obvious advantage for visitors to Melbourne is the reversal of the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere, allowing you to dodge the worst of the northern winters by visiting anytime from spring (September) through to autumn (March, April, and May)—arguably the best time to visit Melbourne.

Sport in Australia is popular and widespread. Levels of both participation and observation are much higher than in many other countries. Testament to this is the level of achievement in the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games as well as other international sporting events in comparison to the population of the country, particularly in the areas of water sports and team sports. The climate and economy provide ideal conditions for Australians to participate and watch sports.

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