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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Don’t Let Disasters Derail You - Protect Your Investment With Travel Insurance

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Travel plans can change at the drop of a hat these days, as travelers make adjustments because of personal or business obligations. While you may have control over those factors, one problem you cannot influence is the presence of a natural disaster. When these events alter your travel plans, it is essential to have international travel insurance on hand.

The recent volcano in Iceland left unprecedented chaos in the travel industry, stranding thousands of travelers in Europe. For these travelers, missing their flights and not knowing when they'd be able to re-book can cause significant unforeseen expenses.And this is not the first international disaster to gain headlines over the past six months, as we've also seen earthquakes take their toll in multiple countries.

So as a traveler, do you have any recourse in these situations? You cannot prevent these events from happening, yet you still need to book travel accommodations in advance so as to ensure availability and lock in the lowest price. But it can be extremely frustrating to lose the money you've invested in anything from hotel accommodations to event tickets to conference admissions to whatever else you may have pre-booked in advance of your trip. This is where travel insurance becomes very valuable to you.

International travel insurance offers you reimbursement on a wide range of unforeseen travel expenses ranging from missed connections to cancelled flights to purchasing items lost by the airline. With this type of insurance, you can book your travel plans confidently knowing that while unwelcome surprises may surface, they don't necessarily have to hurt you financially.

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