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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Don’t Let New Security Procedures Ruin Your Travel Plans; Choose Trip Cancellation Insurance

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The hot button issue of the moment in the United States is the new set of changes that has been made to airport security procedures. These procedures, and the resulting backlash to them, has the potential to create flight delays which could cause you to miss connections and in turn cost you money. Protect yourself in this new environment with trip cancellation insurance.

Since the terrorist attacks of 2001, the United States has continued to look for new ways to prevent airline attacks and alleviate consumer fears about airline travel. The latest measure enacted for that purpose is full body scanning devices. Many travelers consider these very revealing devices to be intrusive and uncomfortable, and for those who do not wish to use them, a pat-down by a security member can be requested.

Any time a new procedure is introduced, especially one that has a manual component such as a pat-down, things are going to slow down. So you may find yourself waiting in longer lines, which may in turn lead to flight delays. And flight delays can cause you to miss connections, which can cost you significant amounts of money on non-refundable flights.

Trip cancellation insurance offers protection not only when flights are canceled, but also when delays and missed connections occur. So missing a flight may cause an inconvenience to your schedule, but it does not have to cause a financial burden as well. Don't let new safety measures harm both your wallet and your schedule.

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