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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Don’t Let Weather Leave Your International Travel Plans in the Cold

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The Mid-Atlantic United States was once again bombarded by snow over the weekend.wth blizzard conditions dumping as much as two feet of snow in Washington D.C. and other areas, it was impossible for people to get out of their own homes, much less to travel anywhere. Have you thought about what you would do if the weather or other circumstances prevented you from making your already-booked international travel? The answer to your problem comes in the form of international travel insurance.

Your international travel insurance policy will come with trip cancellation insurance, so that if you have to cancel your flight, you can do so with as little as 48 hours notice and still recoup a large portion of your expenses (as much as 70%). So even if the airline doesn’t cancel your flight, you can still have a backup plan in case you simply cannot make your travel.

There are different types of trip cancellation insurance, covering cancellations for business-specific reasons or cancelling for any reason at all. That way you can choose the kind which best suits your circumstances, and you’ll be protected whether traveling for business, pleasure, or both.

Between weather, security concerns, and business schedules, there are more obstacles than ever to prevent you from traveling internationally on schedule. International travel insurance will offer you monetary protection in the event that any of these factors cancels your flight, causes delays, or leads to missed connections.

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