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  • Fixed Benefit comprehensive international medical

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Q: What is the difference between a Fixed Benefit and Comprehensive international medical insurance plans?

A: Fixed Benefit plans usually offer coverage at the lowest cost. These plans offer coverage with limits on the amount paid for each medical service. The benefit limits are pre-set for each service, Eg some plans may limit payments for doctor visits to $55, hospital charges to $1500 per day. This is the amount the insurance will pay for covered expenses, any difference between the actual charges and the covered amount must be paid by the insured.

Comprehensive Plans offer coverage without sublimits for each medical expense. The Policy Maximum limit is the limit for all the allowed expenses combined. If a plan has a policy maximum of $50,000 that is the maximum amount that will be paid for all expenses combined. Comprehensive plans may have a co pay percentage and deductibles that require payment contributions from the insured but these expenses are fixed and known.

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