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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

A recent report has suggested that international airlines are projecting stronger financial performance, which is great news for travelers. While the airlines are still not yet posting profits, they are beginning to reduce the rate at which they are losing money.

The report was published by the International Air Transport Association and indicated that losses in 2010 should be half of what had originally been projected. The total losses are projected at $2.8 billion, but $5.6 billion in losses were forecast as recently as December 2009. That would mark a significant improvement over the $9.4 billion lost in 2009.

For travelers, this is encouraging information. Travelers have been plagued by rising travel costs for several years as airlines contend with not only the difficult economy but rising fuel costs. This has led to items which once were included for free, like checking your bags, now resulting in fees. If the airlines can continue to improve their financial performance, perhaps costs might deflate a bit.

While it is likely a long way from providing financial relief to travelers, it is certainly good news to hear that international airlines are projecting a stronger outlook. The recent report published by is encouraging for the world economy in general and international travelers in particular.

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