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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

  • Frequent International Travel Need Not Mean Frequent Insurance Applications!

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With international markets opening up like never before, it is quite common to see people traveling to and from the United States for business in large numbers. Businessmen, especially small entrepreneurs, travel abroad frequently, and sometime with little or no notice.
In this situation, there might not be enough time to apply for and purchase insurance every single time. It is also a bother that busy businesspeople and their secretaries can do without!
If you are one of those entrepreneurs, the solution you are looking for may be the . It offers a very handy frequent traveler option, which allows you to specify a fixed number of days for coverage in a 12-month period, without the need to apply for a new insurance policy every single time, and with the extra benefit of cost savings, because you only pay for the time you are outside the country.
If you are working for a company that is sending you abroad, check international insurance details with your employer. If you have concerns with the level of coverage that your company provides, bring it up. If you’re planning rock climbing when abroad, add the appropriate coverage. With business meetings and contracts to be won, the last thing you want to do is have to worry about your health!

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