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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • German Oktoberfest Travelers Need International Travel Insurance

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The month of October brings about Oktoberfest celebrations in many areas. For those truly wanting an authentic Bavarian cultural experience, there is no better solution than to travel to Germany itself. If such a trip is on your agenda, be sure you purchase international travel insurance before leaving.

Any veteran international traveler will tell you that there are many unplanned problems that can arise during your trip. From medical issues to lost baggage to flight delays, even a well-thought-out vacation or business trip can end in disaster.

International travel insurance offers protection against many of these unforeseen problems. For example, if your luggage gets lost by the airline, your insurance policy will help cover the costs of purchasing the items you’ve lost. Or if your trip gets delayed or cancelled, or you need to cancel it yourself, you can add a trip cancellation policy to your plan to preserve the money you may have lost. Even a simple flight delay could cost you thousands of dollars if you miss a connecting flight, thanks to the cost of lost hotel reservations and booking a new flight.

Another area where this type of coverage really proves its value is in terms of your health. If you become sick or injured while traveling, this type of insurance covers doctor’s visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, and much more. Your normal insurance plan likely does not cover these needs when they occur in another country, so it is important to have an alternative solution, which is exactly what this insurance offers. While you can never plan to avoid every problem that could occur during travel, you can increase your protection against them.

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