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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

The need for highly qualified multicultural managers is increasing as more and more organizations globalize their operations. This said, the task ahead is pretty challenging. The process starts with HR indentifying suitable candidates for the task. Working away from home can seem rather daunting at first. The role of the expat could be to set up operations in the target country and eventually handover the operations to the locals. All the time ensuring that the organizational culture and ethics are appropriately passed on to the locals along with the growth targets.

During the fixed duration that the expat spends in the foreign country along with his/her family quite a few challenges show up. Listed below is a possible wish list that the expat might have for the Global HR team:

- There is a need to provide support by someone who has been an expat and knows what to expect. Someone who has never been an expat providing support does not understand that what they think is minor is NOT in a foreign country.
- Companies should interview the spouses and if possible let them see the country/city where they will be living. Especially wives that will have to maintain a household and/or raise children.
- HR can help manage expectations and set up a contact which will ease the introduction into the new country. ie someone to show them how to get things done, schools, clubs etc.
- Better information on country requirements such as tax and visas
- Language and cross-cultural training for the entire family, not just the employee
- Prepare expats abroad for their reallocation back to the home country. Keeping them updated on vacancies in the home country or elsewhere if they are interested.

These pointers might help the HR team in effectively helping the organization spread its wings far and wide.

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