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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

I know there are thousands, like me, who enjoy traveling, but restrain themselves when they think about medical help abroad. The number of travelers; students, businessmen, visitors etc are steadily increasing. However, a very few of them are aware about the different types of international insurance plans available worldwide.

Whatever your reason may be to leave the country, go with the security of a good international travel health insurance policy, which will follow you wherever you go. Reside Worldwide Medical Plan is one such plan that covers you at home as well as allows you the privilege to seek medical help anywhere in the world.

The Reside Worldwide Health Insurance is available for any U.S / Non-U.S citizen who is at least 15 days old and has not crossed the age of 74. However, the insured person must either be outside US or at least plan to leave the US within a month of the policy’s effective date. The plan also offers coverage for the first 2 dependent children under the age of nine if both the parents are covered.

It is your responsibility to retain all records regarding travel history, age and status while traveling. You should be able to provide any documentation to the administrator in the event of any mishap, which I pray should never happen!

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