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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Gulf Coast Hotel Cancellations Can Be Costly Without Trip Cancellation Insurance

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A recent article on CNN.com tackled the subject of increasing hotel cancellations from visitors who had been planning to visit the Gulf Coast. If you are looking to cancel a trip to that area, you will want to be sure to be protected with trip cancellation insurance.

Many hotels and airlines will not offer even partial refunds on cancelled flights. So that means if you are put off by the tragic oil spill in the area and no longer wish to visit, then cancelling your bookings could result in simply losing some or all of the money you had invested in the trip. In this economy, who has extra money to just give away?

With trip cancellation insurance, you can cancel trips on short notice while getting reimbursed from your policy. so your investment does not go for naught, and you can make sure you are only traveling when and where you are comfortable.

The Gulf Coast tourism industry's members want visitors from around the world to know the area is still safe and desirable, but if current cancellations are a sign, then most people are not getting the message. If those travelers do not have trip cancellation insurance, they just may be out of their investment.

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