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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

As the oil spill in the Gulf Coast caused by BP continues to create problems with no end in sight, local citizens who make their living in their tourism industry must deal with the realities of a bleak outlook. Tourists do not appear to be including the area in their travel plans, and many of those who were considering it are cancelling their plans.

An informal poll found at cnn.com/travel does not offer much hope to area residents. It shows that 92% of respondents will not be planning any travel to the region in the near future. Of that 92%, 13% had previously planned to visit the area but have cancelled or will be cancelling their travel plans. The remaining 78% are not even considering visiting the Gulf Coast.

It is certainly understandable that the area is no longer a viable tourist destination in the shirt term. Obviously no one wants to visit a beach that is polluted by oil, and as of right now BP employees and the U.S. government seem to have no idea how to repair this damage. Furthermore, many people working around the area are now complaining of health problems, so in addition to being unsightly the oil could potentially provide a health hazard.

Unfortunately many people in the area count on tourists to make a living. Without customers visiting their beachside shops, taking tours on the water, or staying in their hotels, motels, and lodges, these people have no source of income. This could have potentially catastrophic economic consequences not only for these individuals but for the region as a whole.

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