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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Heading Out of the Country for a Wedding? Don’t Leave Without International Health Insurance

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The month of May brings about the traditional beginning of wedding season in the United States. Spring and early summer has always been the most popular time to have weddings, and while that timing isn't changing, the preferred wedding location just might be. For many couples, having a wedding at a traditional spot like a local church is being passed up in favor of a wedding at an international location. From the beaches of Jamaica to a romantic city like Paris, more and more couples are thinking outside the box by venturing outside the country for their nuptials. If you're considering this for your own wedding, or you've been invited to the wedding of a friend or family member, make sure that international health insurance is near the top of your travel preparation list.

Even though you may have a very good health insurance policy in your native country, it most likely does not offer you coverage in foreign countries. So if you need to visit a hospital during the wedding trip, you will be considered uninsured.

Being uninsured can have some very costly consequences. Rather than paying the reasonably-priced co-pays you are used to paying in your home country, you'll be stuck paying the full cost of your medical expenses. That could mean hundreds of dollars for prescriptions, tests, and the visit itself.

Getting ill or injured while on your wedding trip or someone else's is terrible in and of itself. But having no insurance and facing huge medical bills will make a bad situation even worse. International health insurance will absorb the majority of those costs, so that if food poisoning, a virus, an accident, or some other medical problem strikes, you can rest easily knowing you're covered.

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