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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

We live in an ever-shrinking world. A journey of a day can take us to the farthest corner in the world. Unfortunately, all this technological advancement means that humans can act as carriers to many kinds of germs and disease-carrying microbes.

A pandemic that started in one part of the world is still threatening people living thousands of miles away in another part. People who have never visited any country outside their own too are at risk from those who did. What we need is an international travel health insurance plan that travels with us, and covers us wherever our journeys may take us; or stays with us if we live overseas for a longer period and still covers us there.

Students who came to study in a country other than their own often have to live with (or in spite of) the local germ population that they may not be immune to. They need an international student health insurance plan that covers their unplanned and usually unexpected medical expenditure.

We all need coverage from the unforeseen events that can often have irrecoverable effects. Health insurance is the easiest way of reducing the risk, or rather buying peace of mind in place of uncertainty.

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